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Originally Posted by Cypher_Cobra View Post
Conquest would probably be pretty good because you don't have to be the most badass player ever to have the highest score.

In fact I've got 28 kills and 0 deaths with the next highest kill level being 14 kills. My overall score was 34 and I was beaten out by someone with a 44 overall.

Which means as long as you focus on capturing objectives and killing anyone trying to capture your objectives you should out score most people since they all mostly out to kill people. All you have to do now is hope you're on the winning side so you the scoring opportunies.
Sounds like your score was high enough that you aren't one of the types of players that I HATE playing conquest with. So this IS NOT directed at you.

I don't know how many times I've seen a player go 18-5 or something like that and still be at or near the very bottom of the list in points. I'm sorry but if you want to just get kills and not go after the objective then go play TDM or DM. It defeats the entire team concept of conquest (not to mention negates the exp boost you get by taking nodes) if you aren't going after the nodes.

And don't give me that crap that your kills helped us get the nodes. Typically players who are getting tons of kills and not getting points are winning 1 v 1 battles with enemies who are no where near nodes while the rest of their team is OUTNUMBERED fighting at a node.

It's even worse when you have 2 or 3 players like this on your team. There is no excuse for you entire team to have positive k/d ratios and to lose a conquest round. On several occasions I've had the worst k/d with like a 14-10 but had 20 more points then the next closest on my team and our team has lost the conquest round by like 80 points. Thats absolutely ridiculous, GO PLAY DM.

As for what this thread is actually about: Like others have said, play conquest or power struggle and focus on the nodes. If you are pretty skilled you should still have a decent amount of kills and will consistently be in the top 4 in points on the server and often times will be MVP. I probably average about 15 kills and 10 deaths throughout most of my games (some classes better, some worse) and I get MVP pretty regularly because I am always pushing to the nodes.
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