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Well, I must say there's an easy/cheap way to beat MOST of the characters, not only the Kyus or Dans, but also Sentinels, Defenders, Vanquishers and even Conquerors (done this several times) by only using 1 button: the lovely yellow Y.

Character to use: Akira Yuki

This works with almost everyone, sometimes you do need to block though.
Best ways to use the cheap way is by either doing YY, wait, YY again, wait, YY again. Usually you win after about 7 seconds.

Another way, practically the same is: ->->Y, wait until they get up, -->Y, wait until they get up again,... You get the picture. The good thing about this is that you can knock them down, go back and keep at distance for when they try to kick you while getting up. Rinse and repeat and it shouldn't be a problem.

You'll have to block here and then, but that's it.

But as I said, it doesn't work with everyone. Just keep trying or try to learn their moves...

If you want to prevent losses during your quest mode just turn off auto-save and save whenever you want. But if you're having let's say a winning streak of 10 just quit out of the match as it won't count as a loss.

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