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The Hall of Famer - Optimal Boosting Approach

After having spent 5 hours boosting this with TombofAnubis (thanks man, you rock) I've learned some things that'll make this go significantly faster for you.

The Setup
  • Find yourself two 360's, two controllers, two game discs, and two XBL gold profiles, and 1 mic.
  • Find yourself another person who has the same equipment.
  • Instruct him to come review this guide.

The Boosting

Player 1 & Player 2 join a private chat / party.

Player 1 is running profiles A & B. (s)He is only concerned about A.
Player 2 is running profiles C & D. (s)He is only concerned about C.

We'll have Profile A win the first match. Have him host, to prevent any rumored glitches.

Profile A hosts a Ranked, Timed Tournament, of 4 players. As soon as Player 1 starts the game creation, inform Player 2 to begin searching. Start the game as soon as all 4 profiles have joined. Usually, profiles A & B will get in the match first meaning A plays B, and C plays D for Round 1. We will use this assumption going forward.

As soon as your controllers vibrate you are able to quit a round. Have players B and D quit immediately. If C skips through the score screens quickly, he has an option to press "B" and drop out before the second round begins. This is a HUGE time saver.

The tournament winner has to sit through an extended victory screen while the quitters were able drop back to the main menu. Because of this added delay, you should alternate victories: 1 to 1. While the quitter waits on the winner, he starts the next round (and is then the next winner).

We were probably averaging 2 minutes per tournament, but I think 1.5 minutes is totally attainable, if you're paying full attention.

For you mathletes, here's how that pans out.

50 tournaments * 2 profiles winning * 2 min/tourn = 200 min, or 3.5 hrs
50 tournaments * 2 profiles winning * 1.5 min/tourn = 150 min, or 2.5 hrs
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