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Achievement Guide + Road Map (enhanced)

I felt that the current achievement guide in the forums was lacking...and as such, I've decided to write up my own. It's my first guide, too.
Hope all (seven) of you tackling this game appreciate it.

NOTE: I will be using the default controller layout.

Road Map

+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
+ Offline: 37 (741 )
+ Online: 13 (259 )
+ Approximate time to 1000 : 20-30 Hours (depends on skill level)
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 24 (one for each character's Story)
+ Missable achievements: None
+ Glitched achievements: 0
+ Avatar Awards: 0
+ Cheats: None
+ Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes.

This game was given a 5/10 rating because while the achievements aren't too difficult to achieve, those not familiar with fighting games will definitely have trouble and even those that are experienced will experience difficulty. Overall, this game is an easy 910 if you have a boosting partner but a difficult 1000.

Samurai Shodown Sen is the most recent in the line of 3D Samurai Shodown games from SNK. A majority of the achievements will come from simply completing the Story Mode with each character on any difficulty. One achievement, however, requires you to complete each Story Mode on Expert, and another requires you to win 1000 rounds of fighting. The other achievements will come naturally or through online boosting.

Step 1: Story Mode
Here, we will be completing each characters Story Mode. I recommend starting from Charlotte on the top-left and working your way over so as to not miss any characters. I also recommend that you start on Expert Mode so as to no require another 24 playthroughs when you finish with another difficulty. Also, after completing a Story Mode, be sure to put in SNK as your name on the scoring screen for an additional achievement. After you have completed this arduous task, you will have claimed a total of 28 achievements for 571 .

-Find a character you're good at and stick with him or her, only switching characters when you need to defeat Golba in the last round.
- An easy way to beat Draco even on Expert is to stay at mid-range. When he kneels down to shoot at you, sidestep the blast and rush in, pressing either or . Rinse and repeat until he is dead.
- Golba is easier than Draco. He has many attacks that keep him still after he uses them, so take advantage of this. Sidestep his attacks and get in couple of your own, preferably a Strong Hit ( or ). The basic Throw (), then Unblockable Attack (), then Unblockable Attack () seems to work here too, for the most part.
- Don't get cocky. If you're ahead health-wise and you're up against a difficult opponent, just block and wait for the time to run out. It's much safer than to try and go for a K.O.

Step 2: Survival Mode
This step is quick and easy. All you need to do is defeat 26 characters in a row without dying. This might sound daunting, but as long as you have Draco unlocked, you should be fine. Utilize his +, then x8 combo for easy kills. After completing Survival Mode, you should have accumulated a total of 31 achievements for 631 .

Step 3: Ranked Matches
To make things go a whole lot easier, find a boosting buddy in [this thread] to help you out. After matching two specific characters together for five achievements, work at alternating wins until you both reach 100 wins. You can also work on your Desperation Slash achievements here if you wish. Also, make sure that you kill an opponent in a Ranked match with under 10% health as well as score Perfects for an entire Ranked match for another three achievements. After finishing with both the online and the Story Mode, you should have racked up a total of 44 achievements for 890 .

If all has gone as planned, you should only need to use 100 Desperation Slashes, win 1000 rounds of fighting and make a Draw happen. With these completed, you will have gotten the full 50 achievements and 1000 .

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