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Originally Posted by MachineAres View Post
I love how you assume everyone in the world just plays games to get gamerscore and that no one on this board speaks or understands Korean. I speak Korean, love Korean music, and love karaoke, so this game is win all over for me, not just some game to meaninglessly tack onto my gamerscore pile Thanks for the guide, though.
I didn't assume that that was the case at all, I admit I played it to complete it, however I only played it in the first place because I had played it before and enjoyed it. I love all music games as you can probably tell if you look at my card. However it is likely the case that most people on the boards here do not speak Korean, and thus these are the people I have aimed this guide at.

The game is so simple that the main barrier against 1k is understanding the game and what to do in it, therefore anyone who speaks korean probably wouldn't need a guide anyways. I didn't, however, assume that noone could read Korean, I said as much in the roadmap. I'm sorry if I offended you but on a predominantly English forum, in a pretty much dead thread of a 2 year old korean game I figured that there wasn't anyone else to write the guide, my bad.

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