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Bio Formula/Blueprint/Chalkboard/Note Locations Guide

Singularity Collectibles Guide

This guide is meant to help you get all the collectible-type achievements in the game. Expained below are descriptions of what they are and how to use the guide. If you die or reload your checkpoint, make sure you get the collectibles again. When deciding on spending your money, you will have enough to upgrade a lot of things but may be short on buying everything. If you really explore, you'll find up to 75,000 E99 tech (the money), as long as you have the upgarde that gives you double the money sometimes. You can follow the video or written guide below, or use both. They compliment eachother, as I wrote the guide while also creating the videos. They are all in order. TMD Blueprints may not be the same as the ones I list, they seem random for various playthroughs.

Color/Info Key

Chalkboards (green): There are a total of 10 chalkboards that you must revert (pressing on). In the game, however, there are more than 10, (15 from my stats review and I stopped getting them after a while) so if you miss a couple, you're not out of luck. I got the achievement after reverting 12, so I assume it's either somewhat based on the time period you're in, or maybe I died and didn't revert the chalkboard again, thus missing it.

Chrono-Notes (aqua): There are a total of 15 that you must find. There are more than just 15 in the game (at least 25 total) and you use again to revert them. They are almost always very obvious.

Bio Formulas(red): There are only 10 in the game. One of them in particular (number 9) does not show up in the same spot for everyone. Described in the guide is the alternate location, to guarantee you don't miss anything. After collecting them all, you must upgrade/buy them in the Hero Perks section of an upgrade machine. There must be 10 different ones upgraded besides the weapon upgrade which actually doesn't count.

TMD Blueprints (blue): Much like the Bio Formulas, there are a total of 5 that you must find and upgrade at a machine. Listed in the guide are a total of 7 locations, though possibly there are more in the game. Though you can find these using my list, the ones you pick up might differ from what I list.

Misc Achievements (purple): There are 2 specific achievements that are listed as collectibles because they are in specific locations and it's possible to pass them by.

Weapon Upgrades: There are a few weapon upgades listed in the guide within other descriptions, but you will easily find enough to fully upgrade a weapon for the achievement "Fully Armed". I found a total of 22 of the weapon tech upgrade boxes, and you can even buy one in the Hero Perks list. You will need 9 total to fully upgrade a weapon.


Chalkboard (1/12), Chrono-Note Note (1/15), Chalkboard (2/12)

During Objective: Use TMD on 1950's Time Rift in the Lab
When you first get your TMD glove you'll be in an area with a film archive. The chalkboard is in that main area right above the desk. The note is on the redish looking chalkboard to the right of the desk. The note will say "Find Barisov". Head down the stairs on the left of this area and you'll see it in the middle of two other chalkboards (that you can't use TMD on).

Chalkboard (3/10)

During Objective: Save Dr. Barisov
After seeing an execution about to happen to some scientists and shooting the shooters, run on the catwalk and a door will open. A scientist will be shot over the rail. Kill the enemies in the hallway and the room on the right has a chalkboard in it.

(Chalkboard 4 /12)

During Objective: Escort Dr. Barisov to the Lab
After obtaining the Seeker gun and traveling to the next area, you'll come to a room with more enemies and a propane tank (it's small). The next hallway has 2 propane tanks. The door on the right of that hallway is called C-2. Enter it and go left where there's a film archive. Next to the door you can exit out of, is the chalkboard.

Bio Formula: (1/10) Heartiness

During Objective: Make Your Way to Dr. Barisov's Tower
After traveling to 2010 from Dr. Barisov's lab, you will see a TV in front of you. The small left desk has a Bio Formula on it that looks like a little open book.

Bio Formula (2/10) Iron Lung

During Objective -Make your way to Dr. Barisov's Tower
You will find an upgrade for your TMD that allows you to move objects. Once you get this you can move the first big object you see on the ground which is blocking your route. Go down this hole and follow the path to the end, where you can grab the Bio Formula.

TMD Blueprint (1/7) Scientist

During Objective -Make your way to Dr. Barisov's Tower
You'll come to an area where you have to move a box out of your way, then use that box to jump onto a caged area, and then jump to the next floor. There is a furnace with fire coming out of it, and a gruesome scene of dead soldiers in this area. Instead of going up to the next floor, jump on the platform to the right.

Chalkboard (5/12), Chalkboard (6/12), Chrono-Note Note (2/15)

During Objective: None, during destroyed building
You will take an elevator up and see a big blue creature for the first time. You'll see him again but some helicopters show up and he leaves. As you make your way to the blue door, instead of entering go right and to your immediate right is a small room with 2 chalkboards. Also to the left of the door entrance is a note.

Chalkboard (7/12), Chrono-Note Note (3/15)

During Objective: None, during destroyed building
Continue on until you come face to ugly face with the big blue guy. Shoot him to make him go away. Instead of exiting out of that destroyed wall, continue on inside and your first left door has a chalkboard and a note.

Chalkboard (8/12)

During Objective: None, during destroyed building
From the above room, head out and to your left. Ignore the door on the right for now and continue straight on until you get to the room with the chalkboard inside.

Chrono-Note Note (4/15)

During Objective: None, during destroyed building
From the above room, now you go to the double doors on the left after backtracking. Go to the room with tons of lock boxes and it's above the desk in that room.

BioFormula (3/10) Energetic

During Objective: None, after destroyed building above
Now you can make your way outside through the hole in the wall. Fight off all of the soldiers. Once you go up the little stairs and see the bigger stairs
on your left, walk to the start of the boxes that you're supposed to go up to
continue on. Instead of jumping up, turn around and the formula is in the right in the corner.

Chrono-Note (5/15), Chrono-Note Note (6/15)

During Objective: Enter Dr.Borisov's Tower
You will drop down from a hole in a wall and see a pit in front of you and a fence. Travel to the fence ahead of you and read the note on the wall. You can also get this after Note 6 if you wanted. Now go back to the fence that has a box behind it. Use the box to jump over this fence and head into the room. To the left is a door and lockers and right by the lockers is a note. This is where you use the box to reach the ladder.

Bio Furmula (4/10) Inventory

During Objective: Enter Dr.Borisov's Tower
You will be with Kathryn defending yourselves against an onslaught of the Zek (blue phase enemies). They will be climbing a fence and there is an unlimited amount of them. Right before the exit elevator (don't go in until you get this) there is a formula you will want to grab in the left corner opposite the elevator.

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