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Chrono-Note (7/15), Chrono-Note (8/15)

During Objective: Escape the Sewers
When you finally get up the ladder after tons of the tickers most likely have been killing you (run and use the deadlock in front/behind you as you run). Go up the ladder and it's easy to see on the left. Continue up the second ladder and you'll see the next just as easily.

Bio Formula (5/10) Stamnia

During Objective -Meet Barisov in the Control Tower
After encountering the giant screature (but not fighting it), you will make your way to another fan and then will climb up a small ladder through the square opening. Look left and you'll see see the formula on a box before going through the door.

Bio Formula (6/10) Medic

During Objective -Meet Barisov in the Control Tower
After grabbing the last Bio Formula, move through the blue door and it's on the corner of the desk in front of you.

TMD Blueprint (2/7) Search and Destroy

During Objective -Get to Docks and Find the Train
After the lift part where you first see the Spikeshot weapon, you'll enter a building and encounter a new enemy that vanishes after jumping at you. Look to the right in the next room for this blueprint.

Chrono-Note (9/15), Chrono-Note (10/15)

During Objective: Get to Docks and Find the Train
As you make your way through the sewers and encounter the new enemy called Reverts, you'll notice these as you make your way to the exit, very hard to miss.

Chrono-Note (11/15), Chalkboard (9/12)

During Objective -Get to the Docks and Find the Train
After you meet up with Kathryn and have to defend her while she's on the ground and you're on a catwalk, you will eventually need to drop down a hole in the floor and find these among other items. The note is on the ground.

Chrono-Note (12/15 )

During Objective: Rescue Kathryn
As you chase after the people who grabbed Kathryn, heading up some small stairs you'll notice this on the wall.

TMD Blueprint (3/7) Engergize

During Objective: Rescue Kathryn
At the final moments of chasing after Kathryn, you'll find yourself in a room with a few enemies taking cover. On the left of this room is a door (lots of glass windows) and inside that room you'll find the blueprint.

Bio Formula (7/10) Defensive , Bio Formula (8/10) TMD Ammo

During Objective: Get to the Docks
These 2 are both right after you untie Kathryn from the chair after saving her during a slow motion scene. Right when you exit the room she was captive in, you'll notice a door on your left which contains both Bio Formulas.

Chalkboard (10/12)

During Objective: Locate the Pearl
When you arrive at your destination after defeating the giant creature on the train, head to where the footsteps first lead you and it's up the stairs to your right.

Chrono-Note (13/15)

During Objective: Locate the pearl
Continue on and go up the broken stairs, then revert them. Cross through and out the broken window and grab the box. You may wish to use it first to get to the catwalk and from there jump to get the weapon upgrade on the far back train car. After you are done with that, put it under the big garage type door and revert it so you can open it. Straight ahead is the note.

Bio Formula (9/10)

During Objective: Locate the Pearl
You will soon have to grab a box out of the phase and use it to climb over a fence. Once you've started going up the stairs, turn around before the second batch of orange plant traps are and it's in the corner on the right. (Important: The formula may or may not appear in this location. If it's not there, it's because it's instead in a completely different level that you'll get to later. If this is the case, the next formula will be number 9 for you).

Chrono-Note (14/15)

During: Objective: Locate the Pearl
You'll come into a room with those weird orange plant traps and the door will
shut behind you. Just as you make your way and turn you'll notice the note.

Chrono-Note (15/15)

During Obective: None but before you've located the Pearl
As you make your way on a catwalk high above the docks, you'll come down some stairs and see it on the inside of a train car that has a Seeker in it. If you have gotten all of the Chrono-Notes listed in this guide, you should get the achievement "Pen Pal". This is not the last note, there are more, so don't worry if you missed one. They will not be pointed out anymore in this guide but are still easy to find.

TMD Blueprint (4/7) Wrapper

During Objective: Restore Power to the TMD Amplification Platform
After you had picked up the Seeker, you would have gone back in time to 1955 and used it and killed a bunch of enemies. While there also go up the left side and up the ladder in the roo to grab a weapon upgrade. Once you're back in 2010, face the platform that has the switch. Go right of it and down two steps and you'll see the TMD on a box.

TMD Blueprint 5/7

DuringObjective: Restore Power to the TMD Amplification Platform
Follow the footsteps into a building with a ladder leading down. There's water down there and there's lots of rust. Right next to the ladder before going down is the upgrade. Also there's a weapon upgrade in the water halfway to your objective. You have enough blueprints now to get the achievement "Time's on My Side". I have listed 2 additional blueprints in case you have missed one.

Misable Achievement: "Mother My Brain Hurts"
While in the Pearl, you will come to a room where you must duck under through a vent and revert a power panel. You will see a new weapon called the Dethex Launcher. What you'll want to do is grab the weapon (make sure you do this before pulling the switch where the footprints are) and hold :lt:. Not press :rt: and launch the ball into the hole where the gun was. Move through the maze controlling the ball with your and pressing to make it jump. Once you get it to the other side of the maze, move it so that it goes under the door where you can't enter. Let go of :LT: and it will explode. Now go revert the note inside the room.

Bio Formula (9/10 or 10/10) Armor

During Objective: Locate Rear Cargo Bay
If you didn't find Bioformula 9 in the previous location, then this will be number 9 for you. If you did find it, this will be your 10th and last one. As you progress insde the Pearl you will come to a scene where a ghost is banging on the door wanting to escape. After that scene is over, progress through that door and you'll see a weapon upgrade and a weapon station on your right. Go through the next door leading to a hallway and go inside the very first room on your left. It's on the bed.

Chalkboard 12/12

During Objective: Locate Rear Cargo Bay
As you make your way through the boat you'll see a scene where a ghost runs into a doorway and closes it. When that scene is over, the door is once again open. Before heading left, go straight through that opening and look to your right for the chalkboard. You may already have the achievement "Stay After Class" by now, but if you didn't for some reason, you will get it here. If you have missed any that have been listed in this guide, you will find more thoughout the game.

TMD Blueprint (6/7) Healer

During Objective: Escape from the Pearl Before it Sinks
When you get out of the water and are running, before you go up the first set of stairs, its on the wall to the left of them.

TMD Blueprint (7/10) Field Doctor

During Objective: Locate a Gas Mask
When you get to the area you're supposed to get a gas mask, inside the room with the hole that leads to the gas area has a locker with this in it.

Bio Formula (10/10 Alternate)

Duing Objective: Get activation code from Dr. Petrov
A long ways through the story you'll be asked to get a code. After crossing a part where you see tons of enemies on a bridge and you have to go on a lift type rail, you'll eventually get to a time rift. Go through it and you'll see a giant blue glowing sphere. Make your way to the objective and in that same room with the switch you have to pull, is the last Bio Formula on a work counter. (Important: This is the alternate location for the first Bio Formula 9 mentioned. If it's not there it's because you already have all 10).

Misable Achievement: "That Wheel?"
On the last level you'll come to an objective to "Find Barisov's Lab". You'll run into a TMD upgrade machine and behind it, a vent. This upgrade machine is pointed out by your objective marker when you press . Shoot the vent and go down and investigate the end of that area for this achievement.
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