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Just finished my 1000/1000. Here are some tips that may be helpful for others in the future:

Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets:
I agree that this achievement should be done as a second playthrough. Once you play through the game once on POTUS and learn where everything is, going through again on Agent difficulty is incredibly easy can be done in around 3-4 hours, maybe even less. I'm not sure exactly, since it unlocked for me after Habeos Corpus for some reason (I didn't actually need to replay the entire game).

The only thing that can kill you at this point should be close-range shotgun blasts, accidentally hitting a red chip during a bomb defusing (regularly computers are ok to fail at, although additional guards might be summoned), and tripmines/bombs (which if you played through the game already, you should be familiar with the ones that cannot be shot out without you dying in a fiery explosion). I didn't bother jumping over trip mines. Too dangerous. I would use a grenade instead (unless it could be shot out safely)

The Memory Of A Goldfish:
A really easy place to get this is at the beginning of collateral damage (I did it on level select on the easiest difficulty) . When you get to the first dark area with the cross shaped lights on the ceiling, turn left, then turn right, take out the guard that will be there. Another guard will enter your line of sight. Take him down too. While you're doing this, the 3rd guy will flank you on the left. Very close to him is a trip mine. If you shoot it, the explosion will kill him and you'll get the achievement.

Expatriate (Surviving the beginning):
The guide's tip for the beginning of the level not particularly helpful. Around 5-6 guards always swarmed me at the beginning and it was very hard to take them all down without dying (and there was no time to reload your gun).
In my opinion, a much better opening strategy was to immediately run forward and jump over the counter on the left. (Then immediately crouch down). The guards will come more slowly, and you can easily pick them off from this position (either from the top of the counter, or through the "walking" portion near the left wall.

They Shouldn't Have Bunched Up

I tried doing this at the beginning urban legend and reloading the checkpoint, but it never unlocked. So I just followed the guide's instructions and played Last Stand. Use your grenades at the beginning (don't bother using them on the balconies, since the range is horrible). When you get to the second balcony (the one you have to defend twice), there is an RPG on the table in the room. Use that to kill everything below. There should be plenty of ammo in the boxes.

Try to get hit them where they bunch up. The best shot during the first firefight at this balcony is the white tent on the left. The explosion radius of the RPG is fairly large and will take out everyone around the tent.

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