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Originally Posted by DarthSoth View Post
Yeah I did all of that and more for both.

For Heck I left him until last. Went to warehouse, then hong, then killed the triad, then met Hong again then went to Heck. -2 right off the bat. then used all professional responses (which he hates. Aggressive will net you a positive with him every so often.) to build up more animosity. left his data intact and was aggressive with his email. by the end of Taipei he was at -7 with me so he should have flipped on me at the end.

Marburg was all suave all the way and he was at I think -7 as well by the end of the final Rome mission. Neither of them make any sense to me as to why neither popped for me.

I did just get Judge Jury and executioner on hard rookie so I was pretty happy about that one. And no time for love also popped for me too.

Another irritating non achievement was ready for anything. I had the Be Prepared Perk and still had the last 4 moscow missions to do. That was another one I was sure I had in the bag.
The Heck one is indeed odd, and I have no clue why that didn't unlock.

Not sure about how true this is, but I believe that Marburg was also a factor of how much intel you have on him.

Not sure about what's needed for Ready for Anything, didn't get that one.
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