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Originally Posted by DarthSoth View Post
Yeah I did all of that and more for both.

Marburg was all suave all the way and he was at I think -7 as well by the end of the final Rome mission. Neither of them make any sense to me as to why neither popped for me.

I did just get Judge Jury and executioner on hard rookie so I was pretty happy about that one. And no time for love also popped for me too.

Another irritating non achievement was ready for anything. I had the Be Prepared Perk and still had the last 4 moscow missions to do. That was another one I was sure I had in the bag.
For the Marburg achievement, you MUST have used mostly "suave" responses all the way through the game not just with Marburg. His actually dislike with you isn't nearly as important as using "suave" in conversations with EVERYBODY else in the game. I had him at -6 and several people had it only at -4. The game code for the PC version confirms that there is a variable set based on total "suave" response percentage before the final mission with Marburg. I think you also need 83% dossier, but that isn't confirmed.
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