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I prefer using Wolf.

For lower ranked (and easy AI) characters: if you're fighting in an arena with ring out possibilities, simply go to the edge of the arena but leave plenty of space so you can block if they attack. Then block, wait for the gap and go for his HCF + throw roundhouse grab. Hurls them out of the arena pretty much every time.

You can also use this strategy without ringing people out. The roundhouse grab does craploads of damage, so use it every time you see an opening. The reason why I use the roundhouse grab is because it's the single most damaging grab in the game and it has great reach because Wolf kinda lunges for their legs.

Up until... 5th Dan or so you can just spam them to death with punches and kicks to make it faster when you're highest rank and just picking off characters that don't have a yellow star yet.
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