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I am missing these few. The numbers are the ones from the wanted oge as many guides in different ways. The game knows better. Lol.

15. This is marker 15 on map 6. Found on a Dark side of a pillar underneath the road.

63. This is marker 1 on map 7. Found on the rooftop.

113. This is marker 15 on map 5. Found above a safehouse.

131. Is marker 3 in map 1. Found. Behind a big black box near the poster behind the broken wire.

Gained all. Cheers for the diff guides to find my last few. 1000GS
100,000 - 28/10/10. Apache Air Assault - Touchdown.
200,000 - 25/10/15. HALO 5: Guardians - Sentinels

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