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Zombie Hunter 10
Kill 100 zombies.

See "Zombie Exterminator" achievement description. Though you should easily get this through normal progression anyways.

Zombie Exterminator 20
Kill 1,000 zombies.

It's a good idea to do this right away. Start the game and head to the Quarantine Camp on the map. Check the ambulance and after the cutscene, you will be given a cart. Hold to push it forward. You can now run around town knocking over and killing all of the zombies. This achievement must be done in one sitting, as restarting a game with your stats will reset the zombie kill counter to 0. Once you get your 1000, you should be leveled up to or almost to level 3. Now, hit , go to quit, and restart using your stats. You now have the achievement out of the way and have a good head start on your level. Getting all 1000 should only take around 20-30 minutes.

Small Town, Deep Pockets 20
Spend $100,000 in the pawnshop.

Inflation is very high in this game, so everything costs a lot of money. Once you have rescued Gemini go ahead and do her sidequest (after you save her, leave safehouse and you'll hear her crying). She asks you to locate her gems. They are located on the road to the Quarantine Camp. On your way, look for a yellow car inbetween two white vans. The gems are to the right of the yellow car.
You will have $30,000 given to you total for saving and helping her. Now make a seperate save file, or save without the intention of saving over your playthrough. You will want to get around $70,000 from the casino. Buy a moose head ($500) at the pawnshop and go to the casino. Everything takes one hit to destroy with the moose head. You should make around $7000. Now, if you hold you will start running at about twice the speed knocking over anything in front of you. Head to the safehouse and go through the door. The casino slot machines are now restored. Just go back and forth gaining money until you have enough. To check how much money you have spent, hit and go to status.

Part Way There 10
Find and return a bike part.

See "Ready to Ride" achievement description.

Ready to Ride 20
Rebuild the bike.

The bike parts are extremely easy to get when you know where they are. You will be able to get all parts straight after the pawnshop except for the handle bars, because a surivor has them (Jason Wong). After 3:00 PM you will be able to find him and the handle bars. Read each description for the locations and conditions for each part. They are listed in order as you should grab them. When you get on, you will have to return it to the safehouse and put it on the bike. You can press to attack with it, since it's two handed and you can't switch weapons. It cannot break. To see a list of bike parts, hit and select Bike Parts.

Note: You can finish all the bike parts and finish up everything else after building it. It will not end your playthrough if you fix it completely.

1. Wheel: After unlocking access to the pawnshop, by saving the owner, you may buy the wheel for $5,000. You won't have enough at first, so run across the street to the casino and collect the money there (bashing the slot machines for extra). You can now buy it.

2. Gasoline Canister: On your way to the safehouse from grabbing the wheel, stop by the gas station by the pumps. There's a red canister there. Pick it (dropping your Wheel) and then pick up the wheel again. The canister is a one handed item, so you can take both to the safehouse at once.

3. Engine: The engine is in the alley next to the movie theatre. Go through the movie theatre and out the exit into the alley (this unlocks a door for you). It's on the ground.

4. Bike Forks: This item is locked in a shed, located on the South East part of your map. It's the small building next to the grey circle (which respresents a giant tire sign). You must first get a key, which is located on the second floor of the hotel. To get there, go into the alley inbetween Bob's Fish 'n Hunt and Still Creek Casino. There's a green garbage can at the end. You can use this to jump to the fire escape (have to time it right). Now go up into the hotel. Go left and then right at the broken stairs. Inside the lone room there is a key to unlock the shed (gives you an unlocked door).

5. Handle Bars: These can only be obtained from the survivor Jason Wong. He will appear anytime after 3:00 PM behind Uncle Bill's Department Store (exit out the back). He will want a broadsword before he gives you the handle bars. You will want to get the sword before you meet him. To obtain it, jump up to the building Bob is on (yelling/shooting guy). Now face the direction of the other building and jump to it. Go to the other side of it and go left along the awning. Now you can jump up to the hunting store, and drop down through the hatch. The sword is inside, and you'll get an unlocked door out of it too.

A Taste of Things to Come 10
Build a combo weapon.

The first combo weapon you will make is the baseball bat and nails. It's a given, and the first achievement you will gain. Run to the bat, press to pick it up, then grab the nails. Put them both on the table and it will create the combo and give you your first achievement. See "A bigger taste..." achievement description for all weapon combos.
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