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Originally Posted by Mr Aim View Post
Yeah i waited until the race had started drove for abit and did it 10times but still no luck!!!... my brother-inlaw has this and has this achievement all he did was race around and it pop up :-S...

there is an error on your achievement list, i got this achievement:
Total Domination
Achieve all 4 “Top Driver” awards in one race and win the race.
(i first did this on Water Canal 1, this is best done by causing as much damage to the enviroment and wrecking other cars on the first laps, then on your final lap go for a fas

But i did not get this achievement:
Frank Malcov Award
Your driving makes Frank Malcov proud!
(see total domination)

My brother-inlaw has got it tho and he got all top 4 driving awards but did not come first and thats how he got it....
I haven't done the Total Domination one yet (I like to work through a game then go back for any achievements I miss) but I just unlocked the Frank Malcov Award in the middle of a race. I wasn't doing anything special at the time nor had I even finished the race so does anyone actually know what this achievement is for?
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