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Great guide!

However I think I may be messing something on my playthroghts.

I just followed playthrough 4 (Nanami’s Ending). I got the 10G achievement for entering her route at the chapter 1 and skip everything till chapter 6.

However in chapter 6 I only got 3 trigger points and no yes/no question at all (and I skip all of the triggers). Two of the triggers were before the rock singer jump of the building scene and one after (I guess the yes/no should be at the jump off scene, as they are on the normal playthrough, but I got none). Nevertheless I continue in Chapter 7 and soon it ends with the "Daydream" achievement, which is really the Nanami’s Ending.

And I tried the walkthrough 4.5 by starting the game on chapter 9 (giga-lo-maniac) following all the triggers indicated in the game and the game followed to chapter 10. The game ends after a lot of scenes and I did not get any achievement. What should I earn in playthrough 4.5 ?

EDITED: ok, now I have read all answers from Sange. It messed my 1st playthrough, but since not matter what the first time you always went on same ending, I did not payed attention to it. But your answers are important to the positive/negative overall, that ends with playthrough 4.5. Now I am screwed, because I do not remember what I changed in my 1st play. So if I did not get this particular achievement after all the playthroughs (I guess I will not) I will have to play again playthrough 1, even if I already finished it. Dawm.

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