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Originally Posted by Eddy Kemp View Post
I was able to get this on my first attempt while playing Episode 2, Chapter 1, Area 1. Obviously I had the ability (Sprinter II) turned on, and simply ran from end to end of the short hallway right before the end of the area.

You have to let the full length of the sprint finish (which had my guy running into the walls for a majority of this time, though I could usually wrap him around a full 180-degrees to send him back down the hall, but this was more for my own enjoyment and didn't have anything to do with the nom, obviously).

I guess just try it out as described above, and be certain to finish the entire Chapter to ensure it "counts" everything you did during that session.
Thanks, I finally got it. I think I know the reason why it didn't work.....

I did it in training, it didn't register
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