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I just needed to add an amendment to Youth Trumps Experience. I had a hell of a time getting this one and it isn't as simple as GameFreak47 has it in his guide. I tried for this on 4 separate occasions and finally nabbed it on my 4th time. First time I was kind of all over the place but mostly on the professional side of things for my whole game. 2nd I went full aggressive approach, this is where I got Judge, Jury, and Executioner. 3rd time was for Ask Questions First, Shoot Later, so it was a mostly professional stance again but just catered to each persons needs as they came up.

I was unable to goad Marburg into a final fight with me (excluding the Endgame fight when you put Parker against him first. Even though you get to fight Conrad to the death there, it doesn't count towards Youth Trumps Experience), on any of my first 3 playthroughs.

Here is how it finally worked for me; I believe that this achievement hinges on a couple things. First is that I took a Suave stance from the very beginning of the game. I was suave with everyone and anyone and just stuck with it. If you do that then you are able to goad Marburg into a final fight regardless of dossier completion. I went back and tested it and @ 50% Dossier, you are able to get Marburg to fight you if you stick to suave from the start f the game.
Second, is that Marburgs Dossier needs to be at least 83%. Dossier is crucial if you are going to attempt to get this achievement without going suave for the first part of the game. If you get Marburg's Dossier up to 83% or higher and are suave with Marburg from the first E-mail on, you can get him to fight. All 3 of my failed attempts were at 66% when I tried to get him to fight me and they all failed. bear in mind I didn't go back and test this method on my previous saves as I have just finished testing the Suave method 3 times to confirm all the possibilities there. I just don't have the motivation right now to go back again and play through all of Rome to confirm this.

This is my tested and confirmed method(s). If you need to do this from scratch then here is the quickest and sure fire way to get Youth Trumps Experience.

Use suave stance from the very start on everyone. This establishes a reputation that will follow you through the game and give you the max hate from Conrad Marburg. The guy really hates smarmy smart-asses.


Intercept Nasri the arms dealer. doesn't matter. execute and extort have both been confirmed
Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missles. Executed Shaheed. Don't know if he matters.


**Mina e-mail on [Conrad Dossier] 16%
Bug CIA Listening Post. Non lethal, no alarms.
**CIA Second Floor in Dufflebag in a corner behind desk. [Conrad Dossier] 33%
**Email CIA Intercept On [Conrad Dossier] 50%

Gelato Shop Executed Guy
Identify Jibril Al-Bara at Chateau. Executed Jibril only
Conrad Sent Email "Taunt" Him

Went To Moscow

Received reply from Conrad e-mail
Investigate Weapons Shipments. Only time I didn't use suave. Used aggressive to gain SIE as a trusted (+7) ally.

Back To Rome

**Clearing House Before Cafe Meeting On [Conrad Dossier] 66%
Contact Jibril Al Bara. Meeting with Marburg
Suave (Introduction?) -1
Suave (Broadcast) -1 (Trail Over Rome) -1, -1 (Interaction With SIE in Moscow)
Suave (Suave)
Aggressive (Threaten) -1
Suave (Questioning)
Suave (Bluff) -1
Suave (Persuade) -1

Investigate Marburg's Villa. Meet Marburg again
Suave (Dismissive)
Suave (Bluff) -1
(Handler) Doesn't matter who you choose. Madison gives a +1 if you choose her so if you want to get lucky later. . .
**Suitcase in secret tunnel. When you go down the stairs into the courtyard there is a rolled up hose on the right side that gives you access to the tunnel [Conrad Dossier] 83%

Romanced Madision
Intercept Marburg at the Museum
**At the East/West junction there is a locked room just before the West section door. [Conrad Dossier] 100%

At this point it doesn't matter if you want to save Madison or go after the bombs. Both methodes will get you you fight with Marburg.

(Save Madison)

Conversation with Marburg 1st fight
Suave (Contempt)

Conversation with Marburg 2nd fight
Suave (Taunt)
Suave (Taunt)

(Defuse Bomb)

Conversation with Marburg 1st fight
Suave (Contempt) -1 (You Get A +1 For Choosing To Defuse The Bomb)
Suave (Mocking)
Suave (Mocking) -1

Conversation with Marburg 2nd fight
Suave (Taunt)
Suave (Taunt)

Finish him and the achievement will pop.

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