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Now some info about the bosses...

Boss of the first level
Best weapon against it? Shield.
As you might already know, this boss shoots like 15 bullets at a time.
You might also know that the shields reflect the enemies bullets... but 2 times. So 15 becomes 30.

Simply use your shield and go in front of it, but not too close, or you will die when it moves. Also, just to make sure you dont die, each 2 times it shots, move back, because it will move and may hit you.

Boss of level 3
Not much to say... the first time you meet it be careful, try to keep a EMP, missiles or laser, cause right after it goes away, a little army of weird looking alien ships will charge to you...
best weapon against this boss is laser, cause missile don't always have time to hit before the boss goes white...

Boss of level 5
Definitely laser. If you are using 2 controllers, try to pick up 2 laser boxes with the ship that is driving during the level... this way the boss should die in less then 1 minute..
if it doesn't die... be careful about its lasers. When the boss is going up or down the screen... go at the top or bottom of the screen, as far as you can, and when the boss has an angle, go at the right of the screen, under or above the boss.
If you kill it and you see meteors that are coming... try to dodge them, or you will have to restart the fifth level with a score of 0.

First boss of level 6
Really easy, probably the easiest. Simply stay in the middle of the screen. Each 3 attacks (going around you or shooting bullets), go down or up, because the boss will charge. The best weapon for this one is missiles. Use 2 of them each time the boss goes around you. Do this until it does a big boom, and then go down the screen to kill the little horde.

Second boss of level 6
I personally F****** hate this boss...
Try to keep some lasers with the driver because you have to destroy the little eyes fast, cause when it does the laser attack.. its dangerous.. there are some lags, like shown in the last video of this thread

now if you don't want to end up like the guy in the video, you must kill as many eyes as you can.. if you are 3 ships or more, try to pick up and keep missiles during the level. (2 ships should have 8 missiles when you are starting the fight).
If you are 2 ships... you might want to pick up lasers...
About the attacks

Detaching pieces: When you see that pieces are detaching from the boss, stay in front of the boss, but at the left of the screen... just don't move and you will be fine.
Bullets: anything to say except dodge them.
Lasers: Stay calm, don't do any fast movements, or you may die like the guy in the video. Move slowly.

When there is one eye remaining, DON'T shoot the boss. Wait until you have power ups, because when this little eye dies, a wall of bullets will come to kill you. You should try to have a shield and do the same thing as the first level's boss: go in front of it with the shield. Otherwise, try to take lasers, I think 6 lasers might be enough to kill it... shield is the safest way...

That's it for the boss tips... if I found or remember about other things, I will update.

Hope it will help someone.
Anyway, if you need help, like I said above, just send a friend request to allo salut and I'll help you during a weekend.

Good luck to all of you.
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