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Feline Aidz's Gamercard
20 Two for One
Gain 150 Rec YDS each with a Bronze and a Gold WR
When You're working on the passing yards achievement you can get this one too. Just flip the 'Flea Flicker' play so you're bronze WR is the 'X' receiver. I used Jerry Rice and Alvin Harper

15 Over the top
Gain 200 Rec YDS with a Bronze WR
Since you've already got 150 yards with the Bronze WR in the previous achievement, throw another 50 yards and get another achievement

10 Pound it out
Gain 250 Rushing Yards with a Bronze Running Back in a single game
Just keep it on the ground. I used Christian Okoye and got the necessary yard in one 10 minute quarter. If you are worried you might lose yards, take him out after you get the necessary yards, as yardage achievements won't unlock until after the game.

20 You want me to do what?
Gain 200 Rushing+100 Receiving Yards with a Gold Running Back in a single game
Pretty self explanatory. Barry Sanders is always a good choice. Try not to do too many achievements in one game. It's terrible to finish with almost enough for a bunch of achievements. Try and focus on 1 or 2 at a time. This is one that takes some focus on one player, so I suggest turning fatigue to '100' so he doesn't get tired.

15 Ground Game
Score 4 Rushing Touchdowns with a Silver Running Back in a Single Game
Any Silver HB will do. If you're not good at the running game, pass until you get to the 1 yard line and have your Silver HB dive in for the Touchdown!

10 Sack Master
Get 5 sacks in a single game with a Bronze Defender

10 2 Points
Get a Safety
Use the 'Game Record Sacks' method and just wait until they are backed up into their own end zone and bring him down for the achievement!

30 Butter fingers
Set the Record for Forced Fumbles in a Single Season
You need 7 for the season. Use the method for the 'Game Record Forced Fumbles' You
need 7 with a single defender in a season. You can simulate games as well but make sure you
play the last game of the season to unlock the achievement

35 Covered like a blanket
Break the single season record for INTs
The best player to use is the Night Train. He's a Gold CB. The easiest way is to simulate each game of the season, but check and see if he got at least one interception in the game. If he did move on, if not reload your season and redo the game. You need 16 for the achievement. Make sure you play the last game to get the achievement.

30 Spread the wealth
Finish the Season with 5084+ Passing Yards with a single player
Simulate all but the last game of the season. I used Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Make sure you are at or around 5084 yards and play the last game of the season. This one isn't too tough.

35 Take it to the house
Finish the Season with 1848+ Receiving Yards with a single player
You should get this one and the previous one together. Once again, I used Jerry Rice with Joe Montana throwning to him. Play the last game of the season and achievement unlocked!

20 Single Season Rushing Record
Finish the Season with 2105+ Rushing Yards with a single player
Use the same method as 'Spread the Wealth'. I picked Barry Sanders and got a good run blocking line. Play the last game and you've got it!

35 Single Season Sack Record
Set the Single Season Sack Record
You need 23 sacks. Just use the other Sack Achievement method and you can actually get this one in one game!

20 Punch it in there
Set the Single Season TD Record
You need 29 touchdowns. I used OJ Simpson and simulated all but the last game. He had 26 and I got 3 more. Just pick up whatever you're lacking in the final season game.

40 Win the Season Mode Championship
Become the Season Mode Champion
You don't have to play the season at all. Just simulate games and make sure your team is the champion!

25 Mission Accomplished
Complete Season
You'll get this one along with the previous one together. Even if you don't win the championship, you'll get this one after the season ends.

10 Play a Season Game
Complete a game in Season Game
Play one season game and you'll get this one. You don't have to win either

100 Mission Impossible
Complete Season Mode Undefeated and win the League Championship
This one can also be done by simulating. Sim a game. If you didn't win, reload that game and try again.

15 All - Pro
Shut Out the A.I. on All-Pro Difficulty

20 Legend
Shut Out the A.I. on Legend Difficulty

25 Shut'em Down
Shut out the A.I. on Pro Difficulty
Set the quarter length to 1 minute and the difficulty to PRO. Start a 2 player game and win with your team. You'll get the achievement and you didn't even have to play the CPU!

15 Bring'em down
Record 15 Tackles with a Silver Player
See 'Game Record for Defensive Sacks'

10 The first one is the hardest
Win a game
Self Explanatory. Win a game. It can be against the computer or a ranked match. Note that games played in the online lobby 'Beginner' do not count for this achievement either.

5 2 INTs with a Gold defender
Get 2 INTs with a Gold defender in a single game.
Use the Night Train and refer to the method used in 'Game Record Defensive Interceptions'

If you have any suggestions or easier ways, feel free to let me know. Hope this was helpful!
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