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Originally Posted by kizwiz View Post
Just wondering what can we expect from Rare in the future? Well now that Nuts and bolts,Viva Pinata:Trouble In Paradise what games are Rare making in the future? I know about Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie but theyre being developed by 4J Studios.. Isnt there a rumour about Killer Instinct 3? What games would you like to see from Rare? I'd personally would be more than happy with a Kameo 2 and another Banjo or Conker game..
Some official rumors are about a new Perfect Dark, I hope they're true, but I'd like a new Banjo-Kazooie more (my favourite franchise ever). Actually Rare is working on some games, but they only presented Kinect Sports at E3, while they told that new XBLA stuff is coming in another interview.
A new Banjo is needed, after the cliff-hanger of BK Nuts & Bolts and those SNS II items, but I hope it's like the first and the second.
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