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Thumbs up Easier & quicker Jigsaw maker Achievement Guide

Easier & quicker Jigsaw maker Achievement Guide

This is a guide i put together to help me understand where the puzzle pieces go on the board.

I read through dirkyboy's guide but i wasted a lot of time trying to find where the numbers go on the board so i decided to make it simpler.

When you start up bottles Mini game the puzzle pieces scatters around the board.

There are 6 pieces on the top, 6 on the bottom and 4 on both sides of the board making a total of 20 pieces

With this guide you do not have to waste time finding the right number to place onto the board instead all you have to to is count around the board with the help of letters T,L,B,R

T=Top L=Left B=Bottom R=Right

Example: If your first piece of the puzzle is on the very Bottom of the screen which would be 01r0 it will instead be B1r0 so you place that one onto your board first, the 2nd piece could be the last piece on the top which then would be T6.

Once you reach the 3rd puzzle they will start to rotate, when you pick up a piece that requires a rotate move the right stick either once, twice or three times and place it onto the board

In my guide i have color coded the rotation numbers so you can remember the color of the number and rotate depending on the color

So here is my guide

-- -- -- -- -- --

Place the puzzle pieces in this order from top left to bottom right

And there you have it my Guide it is my very first guide so if i made any mistakes tell me and ill fix it

I like to thank dirkyboy's guide it helped me put this guide together

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