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Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
Sure they are. I'm fine with that. 2-3 months full of zombies on my screen, oh yeah.

But what me really worries, is the effffn Hero of Fortune City [20G] Achievement.
--> Save 50 survivors.

Ah hell naaahw, not again.
where did you see this chivo listed?

celebrate while you still can/ 'cause any second it may end;
and when it's all been said and done/ better that you had some fun;
instead of hiding in your shell/ why make your life a living hell?
so drink the toast and down the cup/ drink to bones that turn to dust;
'cause no one no one no one no one no one no one no one no one no one no one no one no one;
no one lives forever [hey!]
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