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I definatley do this, not on looks though. just personality and age.
I only really remember those people I think are really cool guys and gals and as for the "One Guy" I sorta have my guy/gal and sorta don't. There's a fairly regular name that I see mentioned a lot and a see a lot of his/her posts but I find that I never agree with his opinions and they are always border line spam but so far no official punishment so I know he/her isn't a problem and it's just me not liking someone.

Ps Just to settle things he hasn't yet posted on this thread.

Oh and if you have ever had any judgements about me feel free to share (publicly or privately) I'm able to take critasicism. (Although loads and loads of compliments will be much better.)

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But the dig site is on the other side of the city!.
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