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Originally Posted by TVthePunisher View Post
TitansofWar ...I haven't talked with this guy in forever but...he always seemed like an old fashioned republican. ;>_> he's very right-wing and not to be offensive...but I viewed him as older than most people on this site.

(Now, firstly, this isn't intended to be trolling or flaming, the guy knows what I think of him and I know what he thinks of me, he's free to respond here calling me everything under the Sun and I won't reply. (Or through PM or message, I don't care). Plus I'm genuinely speaking the truth from what I've personally experienced with him.)
But, I have to agree on that.
We had a 'discussion', it just proved to me that he's very right wing, stupid and actually really quite immature. (Plus look at his posts, he's always just trolling ffs).
Apparently just because you're "only" 18, you obviously haven't gone through a lot of shit, more shit than someone 3 times your age I'm willing to bet. Yeah, he actually used my age, (whilst knowing pretty much nothing about me), to deem that he had "won" our little discussion. The immature part is that I explained why I fucked up my exams, then in the thread about exam results he had a little snipe at me.
People that do stuff like that should just be ignored imo.

Haha, your first point about Barbaric Goose I can get
Goose, I actually like your posts and I really like the way that you come across as intelligent and like you think your posts out, but man, the Steve Jobs avatar gets me everytime
(Also, massive kudos for the Christina Hendricks mention )

As for you TV, your walls of text are good to read and you seem to have good points.
Haha, you're not the only one that's paranoid because of this, I can only imagine what some of you guys think about me. (Haha, feel free to speak your minds though about me, I really would rather you say than not).
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