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Originally Posted by VladimirK View Post
(Now, firstly, this isn't intended to be trolling or flaming, the guy knows what I think of him and I know what he thinks of me, he's free to respond here calling me everything under the Sun and I won't reply. (Or through PM or message, I don't care). Plus I'm genuinely speaking the truth from what I've personally experienced with him.)
But, I have to agree on that.
We had a 'discussion', it just proved to me that he's very right wing, stupid and actually really quite immature. (Plus look at his posts, he's always just trolling ffs).
Apparently just because you're "only" 18, you obviously haven't gone through a lot of shit, more shit than someone 3 times your age I'm willing to bet. Yeah, he actually used my age*, (whilst knowing pretty much nothing about me), to deem that he had "won" our little discussion. The immature part is that I explained why I fucked up my exams, then in the thread about exam results he had a little snipe at me.
People that do stuff like that should just be ignored imo.
If you want to ignore me then why make a post about me? Seems very illogical to me. Also, you're lucky I'm self-conceded enough to search for my own name or I never would have found your post(s).

Some of you get my humour, whilst others do not, and to the latter I am simply a 'troll'. I see nothing 'troll'-like in pointing out when someone is being incredibly stupid [please see my signature], but in all forums you get White Knights who love to protect the weak brained.

On Topic: For me, people fall into two catergories - annoying & 'I-can't-remember-their-names'. I assume If I start posting the names I can remember I will get banned, so I will resist the urge to list Vladimirk, Jamie1000013, TVthePunisher and Carmona25

*I'd just like to point out that I didn't claim to have 'won' the argument because of your age. I was simply stating that your childishly hippie argument was a sign of your age, and it was a phase you would grow out of. Rebelling against 'the man' is only cool when you're young.

Originally Posted by TVthePunisher View Post

And then there's that one girl I really disliked, I can NOT remember her name but she always entered every topic with a negative remark about it. She finally got banned and her account was returned, but she hasn't posted since that point. She was pretty popular around here from what I heard...and very egotistical about her appearance (she assumed every gamer wanted a piece of her just cause she was a woman...yeah
Finally, something I don't want to mock you about. Her name was Iconoclast, or something similar, and she was the most annoying poster I have witnessed on any board.

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