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Originally Posted by Brutalsleeper View Post
There's a fairly regular name that I see mentioned a lot and a see a lot of his/her posts but I find that I never agree with his opinions and they are always border line spam but so far no official punishment so I know he/her isn't a problem and it's just me not liking someone.

Ps Just to settle things he hasn't yet posted on this thread.
He's finally posted (look down).Nah I'm only messing with you :-P. I think I know who you mean does he have UK in his name anywhere? lol. If I'm wrong I'll get everyone who has UK in their name paranoid (it's a win win situation :-).

Originally Posted by TVthePunisher View Post
Oh boy I'm going to be that guy but here I go...I've built up a mental image on various users and I WILL NAME NAMES...though not to insult. I can only imagine what some of you think of me...;>_>

Barbaric's your avatar ._. I see Steve Jobs and I'm automatically picturing him typing these messages. And the thing is...I hate Steve Jobs, he's such an arrogant prick that throws his products out there and if something's wrong with it, you can go ahead and blame him. Especially "claiming the Iphone as the best portable gaming console" about trying to fill big shoes. Though as a person, I view you as an intellectual with a snarky attitude which isn't a bad thing. If I'd have to make a guess on your actual appearance...I'd probably be dead wrong.

Saiyu ..I can't remember if you're the guy from Germany or not, but I know someone that started with an S used to have this guy in his avatar that looked like James Franco and whenever he posted, I always pictured James Franco .__. though he was kind of an everyguy kind of nice person so I didn't have any negative image of him. James Franco works!

Takamura of the people I socialize most with on this site I view as...well, since I haven't seen pictures ;>_> I kind of view him as a uh...anime character! X_X; Actually lol...that black guy he had in his signature (on two seperate occassions) is what I sometimes picture him as...;>___> the one with the moving head, kind of reminded me of Paul Mooney but I'm probably wrong.

TitansofWar ...I haven't talked with this guy in forever but...he always seemed like an old fashioned republican. ;>_> he's very right-wing and not to be offensive...but I viewed him as older than most people on this site.

And then there's that one girl I really disliked, I can NOT remember her name but she always entered every topic with a negative remark about it. She finally got banned and her account was returned, but she hasn't posted since that point. She was pretty popular around here from what I heard...and very egotistical about her appearance (she assumed every gamer wanted a piece of her just cause she was a woman...yeah

As for me, well I come off in many different forms. Sometimes completely idiotic and sometimes I make myself out like a know-it-all. But I try to be as nice as possible and be the good guy without pissing off a lot of people. I hope I'm not seen as a giant turd .___.; I mean I'm in the Faces thread and I used to have my Hollow Mask picture for the longest while...if anything, I'd like to be viewed as pleasant.

This topic has me paranoid ;>_> people not mentioning names yet I'm the one who actually said a few...not trying to be offensive (but I tried REALLY HARD not to be overly bad with Iconolaust or whatever, the girl I mentioned and Titan...both rude people in their own right).
I was wandering what happened to Iclonoclast (or whatever her name was) she got banned then?. I don't hate anyone except that "person".

Thank you Audacious for the sig

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