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Originally Posted by VladimirK View Post
He's just making things up now to suit himself, that wasn't even what the age thing was about.
He meant my whole opinion about everything wasn't valid because I was 18 and "didn't have a mortgage or significant other or children".

Titan, fancy leaving that shit where you twist what was actually said and being a troll out though?
This could be a fun thread, no need to bog it down with that serious junk.
If you really are desperate to spark up your little childish, "yay right-wing, you're totally hippie scum just because your views are different" and "I'm older and therefore that makes me right" argument, do it personally with me, not here.
I don't understand why you would lie? I'm sure the entire argument is there for everyone to see in the 'Gamespot Fingerprint' thread. Our private messaging was a basic extension of the thread;

You didn't believe fingerprints should be taken when selling second hand games, and I believed you to be a dirty little hippie as a result.

Anyway, I don't want to get this lovely little thread locked, so i will end the conversation here. Do not bother replying to me as your free loving thoughts are invalid.

Originally Posted by PerpetualHeaven View Post
Agree to disagree here. Being a hippie or "rebelling against the man" has nothing to do with age or growing up. Don't even know why people have the tendency to attach a "thing" to age. I generally find that to be an asinine thing to do.
As a side note - people attach 'things' to ages/different types of people because stereotyping works. It might not work 100% of the time, but it works enough for it to become accepted as a stereotype.

Goths are usually under 20, prostitutes tend to enjoy drugs, footballers have below average IQs and in today's era, hippies tend to be young (and live with their parents) as you can't survive in a capitalist society by paying for everything with 'love', like you used to be able to do in the 70s.

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