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Originally Posted by PerpetualHeaven View Post
I've never understood this. Is there some type of general rule that states grammar and spelling is correlated with age? I've seen plenty of older people (20+) who type like crap and have met younger people (below 18) who are quite good with English. Basing age off of grammar and spelling is illogical. It's like saying someone has less of a life if he or she has a higher gamerscore. Does that make sense? Or I should say that everyone who plays video games is childish and immature? I dislike it when people base intelligence, age, and other characteristics off of spelling and grammar.
Fair point. I should have also said, that I am normally wrong about this. Often I find that it is the other way round. I guess it comes down to pride and laziness, rather than age.

I try not to make these pre-judgements any longer. It dawned on me that this is the case when, while meeting an older gamer on live, his favourite two words seemed to by "gay" and "fail". Every other sentence was "... that fails," or "Fail!" or "That is so gay!"

It was like talking to a school kid.

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First, let me deserve to be banned, mocked, and flogged to death with a bag of dicks.
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