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Originally Posted by PerpetualHeaven View Post
I would like to think you're joking but I can tell you're not. Quite the shame, though, as stereotypes are absolute garbage and don't actually work. They're just preconceived notions imagined on illogical observations. Perpetuating ideals like that, such as blue is boys and pink is for girls, is just silly. It just creates a foundation for inequality, prejudice, and discrimination. Of course, a capitalist society can't function without any of those. Ah well!
I have spoken to many people about this in the past. Stereotyping, or 'prejudice', is sensible. It is human evolution. It saves us time are people and it is something that other animals cannot do because they have not evolved in the same way as us.

When I see a pile of burning logs and I touch it, I burn myself. If I then see a shrub on fire, I know not to touch it as it looks similar to last thing that hurt me. This saves me time and effort, as I don't have to touch EVERYTHING I come across just to see if it will injure me.

In the same way, when I see someone who is watching/reading manga/anime I know from past experience that there is no point talking to them as I will not enjoy their company. I might not be correct, as they might be the most coolest motherfucking-est person ever. However, as a general rule of thumb, ignoring manga lovers is a sensible time saver for me. Now, thanks to my super stereotyping ability, I don't have to introduce myself to every single person I see - I can tell who I am most likely to be friends with just by looking at them. We all do it. Much like you might think brunettes are more your 'thing', and as a prejudgement you would talk to the brunette standing at the bar as opposed to her fair haired counterpart.

People are too 'moral' to say what I said as they are worried it isn't very politcally correct. Morals, as a general rule, are a joke and should not apply to a progressive world. As it stands, our evolution is limited from here on out because of people like Vladimirk.

So when your child is born with cancer - blame him.
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