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Oh noes...I had this entire big thing typed up and then my internet froze! ~_~ Basically the jist of it: this may or may not turn into a Roast of Iconoclast since she has not been here since June after her week-long-ban and then I guess she never got the notice that she was unbanned (NO ONE TELL HER! o.o). Then I stated I don't want to get into any sort of fight with Titan because I already know that it will be oneway! By the way...

I don't understand why you would lie? I'm sure the entire argument is there for everyone to see in the 'Gamespot Fingerprint' thread. Our private messaging was a basic extension of the thread;

You didn't believe fingerprints should be taken when selling second hand games, and I believed you to be a dirty little hippie as a result.

Anyway, I don't want to get this lovely little thread locked, so i will end the conversation here. Do not bother replying to me as your free loving thoughts are invalid.
I wouldn't want to get involved in that. I was on the side that disliked the whole fingerprinting ordeal (thus where I first ran into this guy) and he was on the side that voted Dubuya twice. =/

Then I praised Skibada as a stuffed animal and pictured Minty as Hannah Montana...but a more serious, to the point and very intimidating Hanna Montana o.o;

Yay, I condensed it! That post was far too long anyways...regardless, here's my picture idea! This is what all of you look like o.o;


Barbaric Goose

Takamura Bear




Take your pick X_X;





What's wrong?

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