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Originally Posted by TitansWar View Post
Finally, something I don't want to mock you about. Her name was Iconoclast, or something similar, and she was the most annoying poster I have witnessed on any board.
Some people care about achievements, she seemed to care about her post count. I figured her out when she posted a news story in the entertainment board and had a several post conversation about how she had searched and didn't see anything about it until someone pointed out that she had POSTED in the first thread on the news story. I checked and the last full day she was on the forums, she posted 72 times.

There are some people on the site that I have an image of them as a petulent 12 year old, but I am not naming names on that one. I'm gonna stay positive on this. I'm also gonna try to avoid just talking about people's avatars, since that is usually the impression I get, and avoid using what I have learned off other sources, like Live.

Vlad: I see you as a hippie scholar. The type of person who will protest the government and write letters to the editor but has also read dozens of books about his left wing ideals, and knows why he believes what he belives, as opposed to some of the younger hippies who see it as a form of conformist rebellion.

Hero of Acre: Tea Partier, through and through. A small governement type but likes the military and would have joined up if he was as good with a gun in real life as he was on COD.

Starstrukk: Originally seemed like a 14 year old girl (doing the I <3 some guy stuff), but now seems the guitar player in a pub band. Stage personality and actual personality, calm amidst some kinds of chaos.

Pants: Always seems like the ex-military school teacher. The type of person that is really a decent person but lord help you if you step out of line. That impressive ability to intimidate but only used if you step out of line. You call him Mr. even if you know his real name.

Minty: Mr. Myxztplk, through and through. A jester who can mess you up royal wielding the power he does. Then again, if you find yourself punished by his god-like powers, there was probably a reason for it.
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