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Throw 500 enemies off a ledge – Alright; you can get this achievement and the ultimate super hero achievement in the same place. Go to Mephisto’s puzzle area and you’ll have these little creeper things. They’ll spawn infinitely and won’t stop coming until you’ve done the objective. Do not do it and just throw them off. Once you’ve throw over 500, you can start using the cyclone blade by Deadpool to start killing them none stop.
You can do Asgard in the simulation rounds. You have a bridge where you can throw plenty of people off. Gives you kills and throws, plus it’ll help you level your characters and is more accessible then Mephisto’s area.

I got a Q about that achievement... When I go to asgard I do see a big bridge.. but it has big walls so I cant trow any people off.. any tips ?
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