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Ready for Battle5
Complete the Tutorial Missions

Before you begin the game, you must do a tutorial. The tutorial is divided into two areas and teaches you basics on how to play the game. While in this tutorial, you will not be able to gain any achievements.

Defeat an enemy in a mission

You will get this in the first mission. To defeat an enemy, press to lock onto them, then to attack when the reticule is red.

C-C-Combo Breaker5
Perform a chain attack on a single enemy in a mission

To perform a chain attack, you must hit the same enemy at least twice in a row during a combo. When fighting an enemy, press to attack them while locked on with . Right after the attack, you will notice your reticule will turn red again giving you another opportunity to attack. You should get this in the first level.

Note: If you attempt this in later levels, you will have to take different approaches towards enemies with armor. Instead, you would use a combo.

Counter Culture 10
Successfully counter attack an enemy in a mission

Countering is learned in the tutorial. To do this, let an enemy get close to you while you fly head on towards it. The game will give you plenty of time to counter, as well as give you a prompt to press a specific button. Once you press the button, the achievement will unlock.

Do a Barrel Roll! 5
Do a barrel roll in a mission

To do a barrel roll, press the either to the left or the right. Remember, you cannot get this in the tutorial.

Top Speed 5
Reach maximum speed in a mission

To reach maximum speed, hold the while flying. While doing this, you may go into a glide which makes you go even faster. If you have prowess built up (the yellow meter on the top right of the screen) then press up which does a corkscrew to bring you to top speed as well. Maximum speed is a calculation of the fastest the specific owl you have is going, and if you have a Battleset on which increases speed, it will factor in the new maximum.

Upgrade your Flight 5
Unlock a new combat attack

You will automatically unlock this in the first mission while fighting enemies. The game will tell you what you unlocked, and how to use it. Continue to play missions and defeat enemies to unlock more.

Team Attack 10
Use the Team Attack Combo to help out a wingman in trouble

Lock onto an enemy with then press to use your wingman (must have enough prowess, at least one bird icon on top must be green). He will be sent to attack that enemy, but you're still locked on so press to attack it and unlock this achievement. It registers as you both attacking the enemy as a team.

Seven in One Blow20
Defeat seven enemies without being hit in a mission

There are enough enemies to get this in the first mission. You should have no trouble attacking enemies by spamming the while locked on with . If you are being attacked, you will be prompted to press to counter the attack. Just make sure you don’t get hit during these attacks or you will be at zero again.

No Flies on Shard 20
Complete all objectives in a mission successfully without dying

The first level is quite easy, and you might not lose any health at all to begin with unless you hit something while flying. Just defeat the enemies you encounter and try to get used to countering attacks.

Fly Safe 10
Complete An Ally in the Sand without touching a twister

This is the first level in the Desert of Kuneer levels. It's very easy to avoid the twisters since they are spread very far apart. You should have no problems navigating around them.
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