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O Rly?5
Replay a mission

After your first mission is over, select "replay" and you will unlock the achievement. You can actually replay it if you want, or just quit out.

Take That, You Fiend! 10
Hit an enemy with the Corkscrew in a mission

To hit an enemy with a corkscrew, fly straight towards it. Lock onto it with . When the game prompts you to counter the move, instead press the up and try to fly into the enemy.

Make some Noise 5
Hoot 108 times

To hoot, press . While flying and playing missions, just keep pressing it until the achievement unlocks. It doesn't actually do anything, besides make noise.

No Witnesses 20
Defeat every enemy in a story mission

The first mission this can be accomplished on is the second mission and can almost be considered story related. A decent amount of missions will require you to defeat all enemies.

A Bird in the Hand 5
Upgrade your owl with any Battleset

You will be notified when you unlock a new Battleset. Once this happens, finish your mission and return to Shard's Hollow. Now select the armory. The first one you can buy is called Swift Steel. It will cost you 150 Shinies (the currency). You should have enough to buy this by the time you unlock it. Once bought, it will be equipped and you will unlock the achievement.

Great Shot 10
Hit an enemy with a flaming coal

There are flaming coals that you can pick up with when prompted on specific levels. The game will usually point out these areas for you. You will hold 2 coals at a time. Lock onto an enemy and press to throw the coal. You must do this to the first boss.

That Was Close! 10
Narrowly avoid colliding with an enemy in a mission

You'll most likely get this while fighting enemies. Narrow means extremely close. The more enemies on the screen, the better. This should come natural, but if it doesn’t then you’re going to have to pull some maneuvering while flying, using the . Right when an enemy is coming in for an attack (and you ignoring the counter warning) barrow role to the left or right and you should see a slow motion scene take place.

Gliding with Style20
Complete a mission without losing your armor

This should come along with normal play. Your armor is whatever Battleset you have on. On the top right of the screen is your health (a green bar). When you have a Battleset on, it shows an armor type design on it. As you take damage, it starts to chip away. You must have some left by the time the mission ends.

Easy Method: You can also gain these in bonus missions. Doing a Speed Flying objective for example could grant you this achievement very easily since the only way you can lose armor is to accidently fly into the environment.

Kuneer or Kufaar 10
Complete the Desert of Kuneer Missions

These missions are the first set and there are a total of 5 you must complete. The missions revolve around battles with bats and finally a boss at the end (the Chieftain).

1. An Ally in the sand
2. Desert Eagle
3. Thieves in the Night
4. Into the Hideout
5. The Chieftain Strikes

After beating these missions you will gain the achievement as well as being able to play the Kuneer Bonus Mission, located at the bottom of the mission list. These levels should take you around 35-40 minutes to complete.

Fly like the Wind30
Use 50 Wind Currents

A Wind Current is a way to boost speed while flying through missions. They are in various spots while playing a level, and are shown as swirling wind. You should get this along with your playthroughs of this game.

Alternative Method: If you want this fast, load up the bonus mission on The Island of Hoole and just keep pressing back on the right stick so you flip around and can flip around again to go through it.

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