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As the Crow Flies 20
Defeat 20 Crows

The crows appear in the story mode as well as the survival mode in the bonus mission located on the Island of Hoole. You have to do survival mode anyways for a gold medal, so you’ll get this while playing the game naturally.

That's Got to Hurt 10
Successfully perform the Fall From Grace

You must unlock this move to be able to earn it. You unlock moves by killing enemies in levels. Once you have earned it, the game will tell you what it is and how to use it. You must press and at the same time when prompted on an enemy. Remember to press the buttons again when prompted during the move so you don’t crash into the ground.

Lucky Number 20
Achieve a 15 hit chain in a mission

You should be able to get this when there are at least 5 enemies on the screen at once. Using only the helps because you do minimal damage to enemies, therefore have more of a chance to land more attacks. This cannot be done on a bonus mission. By the last level you should be able to do up to 20 chain attacks at times.

Feeling Shattered5
Break an enemy’s armor

The game will eventually introduce you to an enemy who has armor (like your Battleset). It will explain how to break it. Press to do an armor breaking move. You will be able to include this into combos. An enemy with armor must have it removed before you can do any other attacks, and your Wingmen will not attack until the armor is gone.

Make a Splash 10
Throw an enemy into the water

To do this you must use the grab attack by pressing when an enemy is targeted and locked onto. There must be water below or around you. Use the when the enemy is grabbed, and press it downwards to throw the enemy down into the water.

Light'em up10
Complete Lighting The Way without a torch going out too early

This mission is in the Forest Kingdom of Tyto (third one on the list). You must light all of the torches as fast as you can so that the game moves you to the next set of them. You’ll have to ignore all enemies to be sure none of them go out. Lighting the last ones will end the mission.

The Journey 25
Fly 100 Kilometers

This is cumulative within all missions. You should gain this about midway through The Forest Kingdom of Tyto.

Dodge'ems 20
Complete Pure Retaliation without being hit by a turret

This is the 5th mission in The Forest Kingdom of Tyto. There are turrets in the level that shoot slow and none of them really seem to be targeting you since you’re on the move a lot. Grab the hot coals from the green allie flying around with the and then target a turret. Press twice to throw both coals to destroy a turret. Repeat this with the rest of the turrets. Now just complete the level to unlock the achievement.

Tyto is Righto 10
Complete the Forest Kingdom of Tyto Missions

This is the second area with missions, and there are a total of 5 of them. Complete the missions below and you’ll earn this achievement along with the bonus mission for this area. These missions should take you around 45 minutes to complete.

1. Pure Ones Pursuit
2. Resistance Evacuation
3. Lighting the Way
4. Fire Fight
5. Pure Retaliation

Fashionable Owl 15
Wear 4 different Battlesets in missions

You should have 4 different Battlesets by the end of Forest Kingdom of Tyto. To get these quick just enter into a bonus mission with one on, then exit. Switch your armor out and go back into the mission. You can also just complete missions with them, but for getting more gold medals on missions you may want to use the above method to stick with speed based Battlesets.
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