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Owls of Derisive Laughter 10
Complete Race to the Retreat in 4 minutes or less

This is the first mission in The Glauxian Brothers Retreat. You must race through rings in a set course. Missing 6 rings will fail you the mission. It might take you one or two attempts to get good and used to it. You really should have the Diamond Dash Battleset equipped to go through this as fast as possible. There is a gold medal to beat this in under 3:00 minutes, but you should be able to do it in at least 2:45.

Max Power 30
Equip a top quality Battleset

There are two top quality Battlesets. The first one you will earn is called Burning Spirit. It costs 400 Shinies and you should gain this by the end the missions “A Curious Convoy” during the Glauxian Brothers Retreat area. The achievement will unlock when you purchase it (since it auto-equips.)

Passive Aggressive 20
Complete a mission using just wingmen

After gaining the Burning Spirit battleset, feel free to revisit the first level in The Desert of Kuneer. There aren’t many enemies here and it’s a short mission. Anytime an enemy is going to attack you, follow the on-screen counter so that you can build your prowess meter. Once you can use a wingman, use it against the enemy you have targeted. Just make sure you don’t actually launch an attack. Counters are okay, as they don’t damage an enemy.

Put the Win in Wingman 20
Use your Wingmen 20 times

You should play a mission with a good amount of enemies to use your wingmen against. You need to use them 20 times throughout one single mission. This is not accumulative within separate missions. To gain prowess to use the wingmen, defeat enemies, collect coins, and successfully counter attacks. With the Burning Spirit Battleset equipped you should gain this really fast. Just use the Battleset on the following level after you gain and equip it. Get the bar full to all three yellow bars with the icons green instead of red. Press the three times while targeting an enemy. This will count all uses and does not have to be on separate enemies. If you fail a mission and have to use a life, the amount of times the wingmen used will carry over to the next life, even if dealing with the same enemies.

Defeat the Hagsfiend Queen 10
Complete the Glauxian Brothers Retreat Missions

The third area in the game is called Glauxian Brothers Retreat and has 5 missions to complete for this achievement.

1. Race to the Retreat
2. A Curious Convoy
3. Shard to the Rescue
4. Battle at the Mine
5. The Queen’s Game

Love the Smell 20
Bomb 20 Turrets

A turret can be any stationary weapon firing at you. Catapults and ballistae both count towards this. The bombing doesn’t have to completely destroy the turret, just has to have hit it once to count. You will get this while plaything through the story if you attack every turret on every level.

Sold Out 50
Buy all the Battlesets

There are a total of 6 battlesets you must buy. Battlesets are earned as you beat missions and progress through the main storyline. Below is a list of the 6 battlesets that you will be earning and buying throughout the game. The training claws are automatic and do not have to be purchased. All sets will cost 1825 Shinies. You unlock all the last Battleset by the end of Glauxian Brothers Retreat Missions. You may not have enough to afford the last piece, so play through more missions and you should have enough by the end of the game.

1. Swift Steel: 150 Shinies
2. Valore Rose: 200 Shinies
3. Diamond Dash: 275 Shinies
4. Golden Heart: 300 Shinies
5. Burning Spirit: 400 Shinies
6. Iron Fortitude: 500 Shinies

Boy Are My Arms Tired 50
Fly more than 200 kilometers

You should have flown enough and have gotten this within the final level. If for some reason you, because you never died or never replayed missions, then move on to the bonus missions after the game is complete to earn this.

Vanquish the Evil 50
Complete the game

After you defeat the last boss, you will get the achievement for completing the game. The last area “The Beaks” has 5 levels which are the last missions in the campaign. Completing this set will also unlock the last bonus mission in the game.

1. No Owl Gets Left Behind
2. Defense Destruction
3. Breaking the Signal
4. Clawing Towards the Forge
5. Allomere’s Fury
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