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Boss Rush 20
Defeat any boss without losing a life

There are 3 bosses in the game that you can get this achievement on.

1. The Chieftain Strikes (The Desert of Kuneer)
2. The Queen’s Game (The Glauxian Brothers Retreat)
3. The Beaks (Allomere’s Fury)

The easiest boss is Allmoere, which is the last boss in the game. You should have the best battleset armor in the game, as far as health and defense go. Chase him after the initial portion of the mission, throwing hot coals at him to break down his armor. When you’re fighting him, just keep attacking him. Whenever he throws you backwards, be prepared to hit either or when prompted. Follow up with attacks of your own. You will most likely not get hit much at all in this battle. You will have to beat every boss without dying in order to get all gold medals in missions, but this is the easiest fight to get the achievement.

Owlage 20
Use the corkscrew on 20 enemies

To use the corkscrew, you must press up on the . To actually hit an enemy with this move, it's easiest to use it as an enemy is lining up to attack you. Do this instead of countering. Also this will use prowess, so you'll only be able to use it when you have that built up. This might be one of the few achievements you don't get by the end of the game, but can get it while you play the bonus missions.

Free Flight 20
Explore all five environments in the Bonus Missions for a short time

Once you have completed the game, you will have unlocked all bonus missions, one per area.

1. Hoole Bonus Mission
2. Kuneer Bonus Mission
3. Tyto Bonus Mission
4. Retreat Bonus Mission
5. Beaks Bonus Mission

You won't get this just by visiting each bonus mission, you must be participating in each of the tasks within them. You'll get this as you go for the scrolls and gold medals.

See a Penny 50
Collect 4200 Shinies

You collect Shinies by defeating enemies and finding them throughout the level. The game wants you to collect 4200, though you will only need 1825 of that amount to buy the Battlesets. You do not have to be carrying all 4200 at the same time, though it has to be on one save file (aka obtained with one owl). After completing the story you should have collected around 2000 or so. After playing all of the bonus mission challenges, you should have gotten the achievement. If not, replay a survival mission.

Art Appreciation 30
Collect all the artwork

There are a total of 25 pieces of artwork, 5 per bonus mission in the form of a scroll. While in a bonus mission, on the lower right side of your screen you'll notice an indicator as you fly around. It will be red and turn greener as you get closer to a scroll. Go through each bonus mission collecting these to get the achievement. Hit whenever you want to check how many scrolls you have while in that specific bonus mission.

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