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Silver Lining 25
Get all Silver medals

See the "Gold,Shard, Gold!" achievement description. You do not have to get all bonus missions silver, just the story missions.

Gold, Shard, Gold! 75
Get a Gold ranking in all story missions

Before starting a story mission, the game will tell you what is required for a gold ranking. Meet those expectations, mostly dealing with beating the level in a certain amount of time. Equip Diamond Dash to go faster through levels, avoiding any enemies you can. For missions where you're mostly fighting (such as bosses where you can't lose a life) then equip the Iron Fortitude. The ranking is shown next to the level so you know what you've earned already in each mission.

Click HERE for more help on these challenges.

Bonus Gold 50
Get a Gold ranking in all bonus missions

For a gold ranking in a bonus mission, you must complete all of the tasks within with a gold status. The specific objectives are found on an allie shown with a green streak as they fly around and are shown on your radar. Fly to them and press when prompted to start a mission. It will show you what rank you have and what's required at that time. There are a total of 4 different types of objective missions. They are all pretty easy and should take you only a few attempts on any of them.

Survival: You must fight off 5 waves of enemies. The time only counts down when the enemies appear on screen, and not while you wait for them inbetween. Use combos to get your flaming talons and this should be pretty easy.

Owlet Rescue: These are the easiest of all the missions. Just remember to use corckscrew which is up on when you are on the return trip since you'll be flying the opposite direction and need that boost. Any enemies that attack you are easily avoided with a barrel role.

Speed Flying: This is the most stressful of the events. You must fly through rings as you race to the finish. If you miss 3 rings you will have to try the whole thing over. Use corckscrew if you are flying slow or want a boost. You will gain lots of it while diving.

Bombing: You must destroy all of the turrets within the area. Avoid all enemies to make short work of these missions. The game gives you plenty of time.

New Game + 30
Continue playing after completing the game

Start a new game from the main menu with a different owl than you used before. You needed to have completed the entire game on a previous save file for this to work. There are a total of 4 save slots, one per owl. This will essentially help you keep track of things. When you start a new game and are playing the tutorial, you will gain the achievement. Sadly nothing carries over, it’s literally a new game. You will not want to overwrite your save file thinking things will stay unlocked. The new game will be from scratch.

Bird of a Different Feather 50
Complete the game as all Four Characters

There are 4 save slots and 4 owls. Use a different owl in each save slot. When loading a game, the owl type is displayed at the top, as well as a picture of the owl. Every file should have a different looking owl with a different type. Nothing carries over from previous saves, so you will have to start over completely each time you play. It’s a good idea to get all other achievements and just save this one for last, so you can rush through the game as quickly as possible.
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Another great guide, you are the best Tyger. There should be a forum section comprised entirely of your guides alone with a top sticky thread for praise.
The things people say to get to 5 posts...

Xbox360 games I have

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