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Originally Posted by DAUNTEDFLETTY View Post
to be honest with you guys your probley better off doing this one in manaual as it can be done in less than a quater of the time as the above method not slatting redtomroberts method its a good idea if you cant be arsed to play but if you want it quicker here is how :

two controllers

game mode - vehicle ctf

map - suspense necris

match type - player match
max players - 2
min players - 0
private slots - 2

splitscreen - yes
goal score - 3
mutators - speed freak

now all you have to do is run the flag 3 times. it takes me 1 min and 45 secs to capture 3 flags and another 45 secs for the next game to reload back up so thats a total of 2 and half mins a round. times that by 100 and it works out rougthly around 3 hrs and 45 mins and by doing it this way you can cheak your progress by going into community /
leaderbords / vehicle ctf then press A on your name then scroll down to see how many hat tricks you have. work your way to 100 hat tricks then achivement unlocked .

hope this helps out
good luck
Thanks for the heads up bud!!! Worked great to mop up the last 30 or so matches I had left.
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