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Gunman Clarification

I just wanted to clarify the Gunman achievement, as many people think it is glitched or just have trouble unlocking it, so I will clear it up as much as possible.

Gunman25 Kill a dinosaur using each weapon.

As implied you must Kill a Dinosaur using each weapon. The kill does not count if you kill a scorpion with that certain weapon, such as a RPG.

A kill with the Plasma Rifle is not needed for the Gunman achievement to unlock.

If you completed the game and replay certain levels to kill a dinosaur with a certain weapon, you must complete the level for the kill to register correctly. So if you missed the 1855 Rifle in level 2, and also need to kill a dinosaur with an RPG,you must complete the 2nd level for it to count as a kill. And then, kill a dinosaur with the RPG, and the achievement will unlock. I hope that makes sense; if 2 weapon kills are needed, the kill will not register if you only kill a dinosaur with the 1855 Rifle and leave the level after a save point. The level must be completed, for it to count as a kill.


1855 Rifle: 2nd Level, after the turret section, turn left towards the direction you came from, and there will be a red box with the 1855 Rifle inside.

Auto-Shotgun: 12th level, on the spacecraft where you acquire the "final piece". It kinda blends in, and some people including myself, missed it.

RPG: 10th level, after you reach a running heard of dinosaurs that try to trample you as they did to me, the first time I played this section . Head the direction they were running and you will soon come across a box with the RPG inside of it.

I hope this helps those having trouble with the Gunman achievement. If it does not, let me know, and I will be glad to help.

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