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Focused, Obsessive & Committed. [Updated]

So with the pesky 'Remember Sept '44' achievement out the way i finally decided to slug my way through the story mode and finally finish this game off.

That was until i read the Achievement Guide as well as multiple other guides on the internet about the quickest way to earn these achievements, only to find out that they were all out of date and been rendered unreliable. So i decided to make my own mini-guide for these devil spawn achievements.

Achievements That Will Be Earned
Focused 25
While Connected to Xbox LIVE, Play the Game Once A Day For 7 Days
Committed 50
While Connected to Xbox LIVE, Play the Game Once A Week for Three Months
Obsessive 100
While Connected to Xbox LIVE, Play the Game Once A Day For 100 Days

The quickest and easiest way to unlock these achievements is to change the time zone settings on your Xbox 360 to trick the game into thinking you are alternating between days. It can be done on any day at any time and you do not need to be connected to Xbox LIVE to do it.

However, the best time to do this is on a Sunday evening. This is the best time because the game's goes into it's next week on Sunday's at 12AM (Night Time). Doing it at this time will unlock all the above achievements.

So here is what you actually need to do:
  1. Go to 'System Settings' on your 360's dashboard.
  2. Go to 'Console Settings' & then Go to Clock.
  3. Change the time zone so it goes to GMT+14.
  4. Load up BIA:HH and then at the main screen press
  5. Now hit the guide button and then press to go the dashboard.
  6. Repeat ''Step 1 & Step 2''. But change your time zone to GMT-12.
  7. Now repeat ''Step 4''.
Once you have done all of that it will be recorded as one day. Now repeat this process 7 more times and you will unlock 'Focused' achievement.

If you are doing this on a Sunday afternoon/evening then after 12 times you will unlock the 'Committed' achievement.

Repeating all 7 steps 100 times will unlock you the 'Obsessive' achievement.

On the 'Clock' menu it will show you the current date, after you have chosen the GMT-12 choice the date should be correct. After you have changed the time zone to GMT+14 then it should show an incorrect date. (The next day).

So for example i was doing this on 28th Sept.- When i changed to GMT-12 the date was still 28th Sept. - When i changed the date to GMT+14 it showed 29th Sept.

I've done my best to explain everything clearly and thoughroughly, if you are still unsure about these achievements the don't hesitate to PM/Leave a visitor message/Post in this thread.

Also, please leave any feedback and comments.

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