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Hello everyone, I was having a hard time with killing 200 bots everyday, you know, 50 days is a lot and most of us are not able to do this in a row, so I've decided to share the way I did it, you probably know this already but I noticed it's not in the guide nor in any other thread (at least I couldn't find it) so here it is:

a) Start the game and go to multiplayer and host a match with the following settings:

Game Mode: Capture the flag
Map: Coret
Match Type: Player match
Max Players: 16
Private Slots: 16
Bots Difficulty: Novice
Number of captures: 1
Time limit: 20
Mutators: Speed freak & Weapon replacement (replace Shock Rifle for Rocket Launcher)

Start the match, press left on the D-pad and choose Defend -> Everyone, this will make everyone in your team stay at your base.

Run to the enemy flag, capture it and run up the ramp to the platform above the flag, there is a health pack as well as a rocket launcher with ammo (this means you have infinite supplies and health here). Camp here as there is only one way up so everyone will be coming after you and you just rocket them off (you can even shot them below when they are coming, but watch your left so you're not flanked), as soon as you get 200 kills (around 10 minutes) simply run to your base to capture the flag and win the match, this will save your kills for that day.

b) After the match, go to the Xbox Dashboard -> System Settings -> Console Settings -> Clock -> Time Zone

Change ur timezone to a country ahead of you one day (in my case my time is GMT-06 and i selected GMT+14), this means the system time has already advanced one day.

Repeat a) then b) but this time change back to your time zone (it will go back to normal, one day before), the game doesn't save the exact day your kills are made, just checks that it is a different day from your last 200 kills, so you can do this process as many times in a single day as you want and get a lot of days in one day!

Hope this is easy to understand and as helpful as it was for me.

Finally I just want to thank x360a for all the help they provide for completing games and RichSteven423 for sharing the time zone method. (Most people do this on Deathmatch but I found CTF method way faster if you are done with the rest of the achievements.)

PS. If you find any mistakes please let me know, as English is not my first language.
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