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Originally Posted by JennyOwnz View Post
Believe it or not, sadly, I got this legit. Haha. I know! I have a lot of time in my hands I guess. I'm real good at this game and I always come in first after any Deatmatch game I play. Maybe once in a while, I'll find fierce competition and they'll beat me but not always. The same for team deathmatch. Yeah though. I was playing Deathmatch one day and all of a sudden, bleep bloop*. I see on the bottom of the screen. " Get a life". What a great/sad start for my morning that day. LOL
Haha, true, with that achievement name its hard to say if its great or sad!
I did like half legit but some days I was like... nah not today... and like a year passed by lol! I mean its just a few minutes a day but I think its the daily part that makes this annoying :P

Edit: just noticed you are missing Ranked Champion achievement, and so am I xD maybe we could boost it if you are interested also I could give you a hand with the insane campaign!
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