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I like how everyone is saying how the video isn't working and thats it... someones looking for some easy posts.

But i don't agree with ParkerKTM some people don't wanna waste much time with games when they could just get a party together and get it done in a couple hours.

-This is not that much of an easy 1000 people of the attack and defend playlists, and its pretty hard trying to get the achievements through pubs when everyone on your team is trying to get it done.

Without achievement trading/boosting this would take a good 10 hours on multi-player.

Also if anyone knows a better way to get the marksman A.C.E.S?

I don't have a video but on Presidio the My Name is Sam achievement made easy... Thats an easy way to do CQB because on Realistic with lonewolf on and also high enemy density just use any weapon and throw down your 2 smoke grenades and you'll get +3 CQB per kill averaging out to +21 CQB per life.

For Assault and easier way is the same listed above just throw down your smoke and switch to your c4 and throw it at the wall and the enemies will stand in front giving you +21 Assault per life.
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