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Chapter 5
Veros Woods - Finish the level, recovering your relics from the Chupacabras in less than 3 minutes since stolen
Quickly chase down the Chupacabras. When you get the camp with the snow goblins, interact with the door to start the event. The warthog will appear even if you don't kill goblins, so either kill or wait. When he appears, focus only on him. Mount him and break down the door quickly. When you see the Chupacabras again, strangle the warthog and climb up the little wall. Use your fairy to daze him. Do not press B then immediately jump because there's a very little cut scene. Press B, wait for the scene to be over and then jump.

Wygol Village - Finish the level without allowing Zobek to kill a single Ghoul
Use RT to grab a ghoul to kill him instantly. You can grip them from a long distance, and keep Zobek from killing any easily. Grip kill all ghouls, seal the holes, finish the stage.

Abbey Catacombs - Finish the level without allowing Zobek to fall in combat a single time
When killing, Vampires take priority and the ones closest to Zobek take higher priority. After the vampires are dead, grip kill the ghouls to kill them quickly. When you're at the puzzle, solve it immediately. The solution is: Turn the lever until the arrow points south, ask Zobek to hold it, run through the east door, then down and run through the portal. The monsters will stop spawning. If you're going for the scroll that's through the east, or the light magic gem that's north, it's important to note that you can still use the puzzle to get them even after it is solved.

Abbey Library - Finish the level and beat the mirror and lights puzzle in less than 2:30 minutes
When the stage starts, before the puzzle, try to overfill your shadow magic while fighting the two suits of armor. So when you begin, you can move the first two pieces with the shadow magic powered gauntlet very quickly. When I finished this part, I had 1:33 left. Remember to save enough shadow magic for two walls to break down, so you can't use shadow magic on every statue. Only use it for the ones that have a very long way to go. I had to kill the imps on the next 2 statues. I pushed the 5th statue to the end of the corridor, then broke down the wall. Ran and broke down the 2nd wall. Pushed the 6th statue into place and turned it correctly. This entire time, ignore the suit of armor, don't stop to fight him at all. Then finish pushing the 5th statue into place, turn it, and the puzzle will complete. I did this with 2 seconds remaining.

Abbey Tower - Finish the level after finding and destroying 100 breakable objects before the allotted time runs out
The trial starts as soon as the level does. You have 20 seconds, +1 second for every object destroyed. I primarily pressed Y to hit many objects at once, as well as thinning out the enemies. You'll want about 30 seconds before you have to pull down the bridge, so you have time to take out imps and to pull it down. Once you cross, don't use your Combat Cross to open the gate, go right and double jump up on the ledge where there's about 20 more objects to destroy. I completed this with 1 second remaining.

Video note: He had enough time to open the gate with his Combat Cross. If you don't have the time for it, go to the right of the lever and you can double jump over the wall.

Brauner - Finish the level after attacking the Elite Vampire 4 consecutive times with his own blade
Fight him normally until you rip his wings off. Continue to evade until he throws his blade and press RT before it hits you to throw it back at him. The counter will reset if you hit him with anything but his own blade, get hit by his thrown blade (not his other attacks), or miss his thrown blade. If you're not done when you daze him, let him regenerate and finish up your throws.

Castle Sewers - Finish the level after killing 3 Skeleton Warriors without destroying their shields
Landslide Punch (Jump, Hold LT + X) and holy water are especially effective. You can also charge your dark gauntlet for this. When they crumple to bones, kill them so you don't have to fight them a second time. If you hold X (Direct Heavy Combo), that will kill them in one hit or you can kill them with Landslide Punch. Holy water and Ultimate Light will also destroy them while they're down. You can also use a Dark Crystal to help you out.

Chapter 6
Castle Courtyard - Finish the level and kill 3 Skeleton Warriors while you are mounted on a Warg
After you jump into the pit, start to attack a skeleton and the vampires will let loose a warg. Shift your entire focus onto the warg to mount him, once you do kill the skeletons. Y does 120 damage, X does 90 damage so I prefer the Y combo while mounted. You can't kill them while they're on the ground, so you'll have to fight each skeleton twice. There are only 3 skeletons, so if you accidentally finish one off before mounting the warg, Restart from Last Checkpoint to try again.

Maze Gardens - Finish the level after defeating 15 Mandragoras in less than 15 seconds
I could not get 15 to surround me, so I ran to the right side of the garden, where you move the pillar, and waited for 10 mandragoras to surround me. Use a dark crystal for the 10 kills, then throw holy water to finish off the remainders. If you fail, restart from last checkpoint so you can have your dark crystal and holy waters back.

Castle Hall - Finish the level and win the Vampire Wargame without losing more than 3 pieces
There's a bit of luck involved with this. Lycans do a lot of damage, but take moderate damage. Undead do even more damage, but take a lot of damage. Vampires deal little damage, and drain life is pretty much useless, but they can absorb a lot of damage. My tactic was to stay on my side of the board and make her come to me so all of my pieces would be nearby. If it selected Undead, I would summon a zombie on their side as a decoy, because zombies do little damage anyways. If a zombie is nearby and your Undead can't do damage, then use them but I primarily used them as a decoy to keep other pieces from getting hit or keeping her to move more pieces to me. Restart from Last Checkpoint if you lose more than 3 pieces.

Refectory - Finish the level and defeat the Evil Butcher after he uses at least 15 objects in the kitchen
Simply wait for him to use the objects around the kitchen. Hold LT to block, whenever he attacks move left or right to evade and conserve life. Never evade backwards because of a fire attack. There's not a way to force him to grab objects, so just evade and wait for him to grab jugs and knives from the walls until he uses 15.

Chapter 7
Balcony - Finish the level after beating the logic gates puzzle in 7 movements
Solution: Left, Center, Center, Center, Center, Center, Right

Electric Laboratory - Finish the level and deactivate the Mechanical Monstrosity using only the tesla coil in the lab after it is activated
He has two stages. Be aware, this trial requires patience.
Stage 1) Fight him normally. Use any magic and any attack you like. When he takes enough damage, he will activate the Tesla coil and enter the next stage.
Stage 2) You cannot hit him with anything but the Tesla coil. If you hit him with any other attacks, the trial will fail. Lure him directly under the Tesla coil and run in circles around him, always evade either by rolling or jumping, depending on the attack. When he does his lightning attack, he'll hold still for a moment. That is your chance. Get to the switch and use Earthquake Punch (LT+Y) to activate it. Red lightning will hit directly underneath the Tesla coil, so if he's there it'll damage him. Hit him 3 times with the Tesla coil to defeat him.

Chromatic Observatory - Finish the level, destroying 10 Deadly Toys using normal hits before completely killing any of them with a grip
The description of this is slightly misleading. By "Normal hits" it means anything other than with a grip. You can use light magic, dark magic, accessories, anything except a grip attack. The only thing is, do not kill any with a grip attack. This means you will be fighting all 3 for the entirety of the trial.

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