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Chapter 8
Outer Wall - Finish the level after killing 10 Gremlins using only your silver daggers
After you solve the magic puzzle, when you go down the ramp to the lever gremlins will start to come out. There are exactly 10 of them, so throw your daggers at them. They drop an abundance of daggers also, so you can refill easily. If you accidentally kill any without your daggers, simply Restart from Checkpoint and run down the ramp again for another try.

The Clockwork Tower - Finish the level and get to the top corridor in less than 5 minutes
This has two parts, so it's not as daunting as it seems. Cross the two beams, do the jumping and climbing to get the lever. If you mess up, restart and try again. I did this with about 3:20 to spare, I think. It autosaves, so if you mess up from now on you can Restart from Checkpoint and try at your last time with no problems. The electricity sections were difficult to me, but you want to do all of this without any mistakes, make it a perfect run. When you get the last lever, the monstrosity will come out and fight you again. Use Ultimate Shadow and Ultimate Light to kill him very fast. Use the lever, cross the beam, and the counter stops when you step on the platform. I had 40 seconds to spare.

Olrox - Finish the level after keeping the focus meter at its maximum value for 60 seconds
You do not have to hit him continuously to keep your focus meter running. Play this as a hit and run session. Get your meter up, hit, roll to evade. Hit, evade, hit, evade. Be patient. I never blocked, only rolled. Your focus meter will start to drain after about 8 seconds of not hitting him. So once you hit 52 seconds, just roll to evade from that point on to get the trial. The only downfall with this is if he decides to bite you which will reset your meter. I couldn't seem to run away from the bite, so it comes down to a little luck and a lot of patience. As a side note, holy water will knock him down. Use it if you feel you need it.

The Throne Room - Finish the level and defeat the Dark Lord after she kills at least 10 of her own Vampire Warriors
There's only 10 vampire warriors, so don't kill any of them. Run around and evade. When she does the lightning, the bolts itself doesn't do any damage. The spot where it hits the floor is where the damage is (that's for the vampire warriors, if you touch it then you will take damage). If it touches a vampire warrior, then it destroys them. You can use the vampire warriors to heal from with light magic, just don't kill them. If you accidentally kill one, Restart from Last Checkpoint.

Chapter 9
Bones Forest - Finish the level after killing 10 Headless Corpses, without being grabbed by them a single time
Use holy water to bring the headless corpses out of the ground, then grip them to finish them off. There are 7 in the first area. To get the remaining kills, take the left path and sprint double jump to get on top of the cave, where a red gem is. 5 headless corpses will spawn there for a total of 12 in the stage.

Woes Moor - Finish the level and get the three keys, scaring the crows only 13 times
Scare Flock 1 two times to fight the scarecrow. Scare Flock 1 again to bring out Flock 2. Scare Flock 1 to put them back. Scare Flock 2 to bring them down, continue to scare Flock 2 until you fight the second scarecrow. Scare Flock 2 two more times. Bring out Flock 3 and scare them two times to activate the last scarecrow.

The Music Box - Finish the level and get the blue rose without falling in any of the Music Box traps
You can't get hit by anything, or fall. If you take any damage for any reason from any trap, Restart from Last Checkpoint. The paths are the following. Green. Red, Green. Red, Magenta. Red, Yellow. Red, Blue, Magenta, Green. Blue was really hard for me, I found it was easy if you walk slowly through the first part, and ran through the second part. Another method is to use the Shoulder Charge to quickly pass through the Yellow and Blue sections.
- Note: If you mess up a lot on the long sequence, then plan ahead and before you do Red, Yellow set it to Red, Yellow, Magenta, Green so that all you have to do is switch Blue with Yellow and the entire sequence will be set when you Restart from Checkpoint.

Chapter 10
Titan Graveyard - Finish the level after receiving at least 100 points of poison damage from the deadly mist
As soon as you climb down down to the graveyard, just step into the mist and wait for 100 damage and step out. If you're maximum hit points are too low, step out earlier and find a way to heal and finish it up.

Fire Pinnacle - Finish the level without allowing Pan to recover any health during the fight
Once you get Light Magic back, use it to heal up but don't drain your magic reserves. Then when you get both Light and Dark Magic back, get right up on top of him and when he goes to attack, block for a Synchronized Block and switch to the opposing element and hit him 3 times, then turn off the magic. Repeat this until he's dead. I used this same method against Satan and it worked for both.

Fire Cemetery - Finish the level after killing 20 Zombies in a single aerial sequence
There's about 120 zombies that spawn at the end of the stage. Gather them up and use one of the following methods.
Method 1) Whittle them down with a 3 or 4 hit Y combo, finish them off with Y A A combo.
Method 2) LT+A partial charge, hold Y in the air.
Method 3) Shadow Magic, Y A A combo.

Crematory Oven - Finish the level and kill at least 15 summoned creeping corpses during the fight against the Gravedigger
A waiting game. Run circles around the Gravedigger and wait for him to dig up 3 Creeping Corpses. Repeat this process 5 times. If you have Holy Water handy, you can kill all 3 in one hit to make it faster.

Chapter 11
Necromancer's Abyss - Finish the level after destroying 60 Reapers
There are 56 Reapers in the stage itself. You will encounter 53 Reapers in the stage by progressing naturally, however 3 of them are a little difficult to find. After the first Necromancer fight, take the left gate and go right. When you jump through the portal don't swing from the hanging, miss it and land on the platform with the portal. There will be 3 Reapers. When you fight a Necromancer for the second time, you'll have 56 kills and the Necromancer can summon 5 of them. This will give you a total of 61. If you missed the group of three, prolong the fight with the second Necromancer and he will eventually summon another group of 5.
Note - Holy Water will kill them in one hit, so it's good for groups.

The Dracolich - Finish the level and defeat the Dracolich in less than 5 minutes
Use your Dark Crystal at the very beginning to weaken his weak points. If you fall off at any point of the stage, Press Start, select World Map, and restart the entire stage. While you're climbing and moving around, always press A to move faster. Even while walking you on his surface, you can press A to jump and skip a few sections. When you're climbing his belly, make sure you finish that part with at least 1:30 to spare, because you can't skip the cut scene.

Chapter 12
Final Fight - Finish the level and defeat Satan without being hit by any attack with the opposite magic color
Do not use a magical element and stand next to him and wait for him to attack. When he does, do a Synchronized Block, switch to opposing element and hit him 3 times, turn off magic and roll away. Rinse and repeat. Any hit from him counts as a magic attack, including the rain of fire and earthquake abilities. Keep magic off as much as possible.

Video note: He did not used Synchronized Blocking, so this is yet another method for finishing the trial.

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