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Originally Posted by StumpferOtti View Post
Hi guys! first of all, i am new here, this is my first thread and my english is not the best. But i give my best to let you know how to get a nearly unbrakable bike.

Works only with a coop partner. You need your coop partner only for a few minutes.

You need to do following things:

1. Restart the story

2. play until you be able to use the bike (i dont wanna tell spoilers)

3. now invent a friend ( your friend needs to have the Bike magazine in
his inventory)

4. when your friend is in the game, let him drop the magazine and pick it
up for yourself.

5. now your friend needs to leave the game.

6. invent your friend again and take his bike magazine.

7. repeat this until your inventory is full with bike magazines

I have 10 magazines in my inventory and was able to kill 20.000 zombies until my bike gets broken. But the bike durability depends on how much magazine you have by yourself.

This is not a guide! It's just a tip/trick. I hope this helps anyway.

You find the bike magazine in the slot ranch casinos, securety room but this room will unlock some where in the middle from the story. Thats why you need someone that gives you the book right in the beginning.

Use the Suv jeep for zombie kills until you get the bike (only if you have 2,000,000 dollars)
Invent a friend? So imaginary friends work?

Seriously. INVITE. I swear, the majority of helpful people here lack spelling skills.

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