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Shooting Galleries:

Quit Diggin' in my Yard Obtain Gold medals in all Prairie Dog Shoot Courses
  • Use Shotgun. LT to zoom in and aim
  • Lost Lake – Level 3
    • Use Shotgun in beginning to shoot the animals that come out of the front 3 holes. As soon as you get 3 Prairie Dogs in a row, the special Prairie Dog will appear. Hit Y and switch to rifle for the kill.
    • After Turnip (Red) Prairie Dog is accounted for, take your time taking out the rest, shotgun or rifle, user preference. Note: Shotgun only reaches Prairie Dogs in front section.
  • 3 in a row without missing a shot = Bonus Prairie Dog (Red Turnip)
  • Time Bonuses are key. More likely to get Gold with quick finishes, instead of racking up points w/ consecutive category kills
  • My Gold Scores (Something to aim for)
    • Sonora: 7500
    • Milestown: 7480
    • Old Homestead: 8210
    • Lost Lake: 8890

Hunting for Gold Obtain Gold medals in all Hunters Challenge Courses
  • Birds are a must. They are the largest number of animals within the levels. The more birds killed, the higher Level you reach which equals more points per bird
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Most I received Gold on 3rd run through. Become familiar with which animals are in which section so you know whether to have your rifle or shotgun ready.
  • Targets and Perks may also help. Know when to use your perks. Not a good idea to use your spread perk (widens the shotgun spray range) when a rifle section is coming up.
My Gold Scores (Something to aim for)
  • Mirror Lake: 23130
  • Evergreen Mountain: 74435
  • Camino Dorado: 55616
  • Rimrock Valley: 49130

Crack Shot Obtain Gold medals for all Courses in the Shooting Galleries
  • See Quit Diggin’ In My Yard and Hunting for Gold

Big Trophy Tournament:

Mutant Deer Take down at least one Albino Deer
  • Whitetail Deer.
  • Play all 5 rounds to gain access to a “Unique Trophy Animal”.
  • On the 6th round you will get a Unique Animal (Big Rack, Mature Deer, Albino).
  • If the Trophy is not an Albino, restart hunt. DO NOT finish hunt if not an Albino, you will have to repeat steps 1-3.
  • My Strategy: Ran around level using HUB to locate the animals within the map. As soon as I spotted an animal I would zoom in on the animal, if the trophy symbol comes up within the scope, that is the Trophy Animal, the one you need to hunt to continue to next round.

Mutant Elk Take down at least one Albino Elk
  • See Mutant Deer; except on Elk Trophy Hunt.
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Cabela's North American Hunts: Achievement Guide by Goots 88

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