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Exclamation Dont play this game!

Warning, this game will seriously screw up your gamerscore and profile.

Like many games recently the achievements arent on so the achievements you earn will not go onto your profile.

However, what makes this game worse is that you can earn achievements and increase your gamerscore on your console, but when you turn it off and back on the game shows you have 0 gamerscore and lets you earn more gamerscore for the same achievement.

This is hard to describe but basically I earned some achievement twice and both times my total gamerscore went up.

So now neither my gamerscore on my console or on is correct.

I am therefore recovering my profile immediatley and not playing this game til (if ever) its fixed. Last time a recovery took 5 hours due to the size of my profile so im going to post parcel bombs to EA til then.

EDIT: My parcel bombs worked and it appears things are now working though I cant get the Lvl 4 achievement. Guess I have to clear cache and delete game and redownload.
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