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My first race without my beloved steering wheel tonight, and won by 21.1 seconds on a 75% race with full damage.

It was a great race, by the time we had started I had forgot to get my mic plugged in and couldnt get it during the pit stop, so thats why I was again very silent.

Just to clarify, I play with no assists what so ever;
No braking assists
No Traction Control
No Racing Line
Manual Sequential Gearbox
Manual Pit Limiter & Pit Box

My fastest lap was a 1:36.585 which was set on around lap 24 or 25.

The race started with a 52% chance of rain, and by lap 25 or so it the skies had started to go grey and rain started. I pitted at the same time as Hitman (Although I was a lap ahead at this point.) and overtook him within a few laps after a few mistakes meant I was stuck behind him for a little while. I had changed to Intermediates and despite Daenius & Noddee both switching to Wets, I managed to hold on, despite losing a bit of grip when the track started getting very wet. Although Daenius probably gained around 10+ seconds on me in the last 10 or so laps, I was so far ahead it did'nt really matter and I almost lapped Noddee on the last lap too.

Great race, and I think if I can keep a decent pace like tonight on Saturday, I should be in for a win.

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